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Your Questions About How To Find A New Best Friend

Nancy asks…

My best friend found a new best friend,?

So me and some girl met about a year ago, and since the first day I met her we’ve been friends. Like really close, we would laugh at the same thing, basically do everything alike. A week ago I got seek for 3 days and when I come back, some other girl is sitting in my seat, which is next to my ” best friend” . IN ALL OUR CLASSES. She used to wait for me so we can both walk to our lockers, but now she just walks away with her new friend. And I tried to make her talk to me again by showing her a painting she did of me at the beginning of the school year. She just said wow you still have that and walks away. I called her and she hangs up when I said I’ll be right back. And when I tell her about how shes treating me she tries to weave her way out of it. Its pissing me off. And I tried to make new friends but its just not the same. Please help, we were like sisters.

New Niche Finder answers:

It sounds like it’s time to move on, try find a new best friend, don’t worry this happens at least once to every person it happened to me. Except she was way worse she did all that and more there is to much to tell you, but my point is i moved on and found a new group of friends and they are way better than ____, i am so glad i moved on and you will be to

John asks…

I think my best friend found a new bestfriend. How to tell?

I have been bestie’z (bestfriends) with Vanessa for about a year. Her and my other friend Renea are close also. We are the best of friends. But me and Vanessa are closer. I think…. Renea and Vanessa have been hanging out ALOT more. Renea ditches me for Vanessa A>K>A my bestie. And Vanessa has been doing the same exact thing. And now me and Vanessa are fighting because of it. What do I do?

New Niche Finder answers:

Tell them how you feel about it but be nice when you tell them don’t make it seem like an attack on them. And then suggest that al l3 of you can hang out more often because your all friends. Good luck

Sharon asks…

How can I find a real Best friend?

My Best friend (Gail) had her new best friend. When I am in the canteen she’s not talking with me she’s always entertaining her new friend… So What am i going to do with her? So that we can Be Best Friend again?

New Niche Finder answers:

Don’t look for one, it will just happen. :)

William asks…

I’m afraid that my best friend will find a new better friend and forget me.?

We are almost finished high school and me and ny best friend are not going to the same the same school. Yesterday she went to an induction day st the school she wants to go to and she told me about all the new people she meant and how they had a connection and got on really well, she even met a girl with the same name as me and from the same country, we promised that we will remain friends while I’m at a different school with friends and so is she, but really she’s the greatest friend I have ever had and we don’t want to grow apart from each other, we have become pratically sisters and we understand one another note than anyone else, we bring each other joy and we’ve been through so much together, we always cheer each other up when one is depressed, people even believed we were sisters because we are always together, we agreed to go to the same university but I’m quite skeptical about this. How can we make sure that we remain friends?
(I hope I don’t sound like a lesbian, we’re just proper close, you would understand if you had a great friend like mine.)

New Niche Finder answers:

Don’t worry. She won’t forget you, especially if you two were SO close to each other. I had this best friend we were like such best friends but he moved to a school in florida. But he never forgets me im always his friend. If you want to be together you should hang out or visit her if shes in a different state/country.

Lisa asks…

How do you tell your best friend that you found a new best friend?

Because she she just can’t move one with her life, and i need someone that i can rely on to be there when i need her. She is always making up excuses to not meet new people and i need to meet new people. She and i have been best friends forever and i just can’t see us apart but i can’t stand being with her. HELP ME please i don’t know what to do.

New Niche Finder answers:

I hope I understand you right…are you saying that your best friend is a girl like you and she wants to be with you alone and not mix with other girls having fun and doing whatever you do?

You are more social and she isn’t? Well, I would just be honest with her and say ….we have been friends for a long time and I respect your ways but both of us have different needs…and I’m finding it hard to spend as much time with you as we have done up to now. Explain that you want to always have her in your life but you want more people to socialize with.

I don’t think she will mind since you have been friends for such a long time. She must know you very well by now. As you age you develop different habits and wants….what you wanted last year is not the same as this year especially if you are going to school and college. You want to be out experiencing many things.

I’m sure many people have been in your shoes and you will hear from them. So don’t be afraid you are not being selfish just wanting to do what is in your heart. Happy New year and best wishes. Mama Jazzy Geri

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