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Your Questions About How To Find A New Best Friend

Donna asks…

What do you do when your very best friend finds a new best friend?

I have a very best friend (almost like my sister) and we’ve been bffs almost our whole lives. Now that I’m moving, she all of a sudden changed and is now hanging out with a very popular girl. Now all over her myspace she has pictures of her and this girl. She’s never posed like this before and acts like she’s her new bff now. I dont know how to talk with her and I’m afraid of talking to her to a little as well. She’s even told me that shes afraid of me moving. Please give good answers please. Help!

New Niche Finder answers:

Sometimes its hard for people to tell others how they really feeling maybe shes afraid of losing ur friendship since you moving and is lookin for something to take off her mind (the new girl) but thats not really a bad thing people change as they get older and make new friends its like. Her new friend may be a close NEW friend… But you will always be her BEST friend. Just email her and let her know that u hope that now that u moving things dont change with you and her and you hope ya can still be besties forever =)

Laura asks…

how and where to find a new best friends online ASAP?

I really wanted to find a new best friends online because i need someone to talk with and I’m willingly to listen to her/him. I wanted to share joy and happiness with someone.
I never had a loyal friends before this. My best friends betrayed me n she left me. I’m lonely=( please help me ASAP!!!

New Niche Finder answers:

You can’t just find a best friend, you get a friend first and then they develop into a best friend. Try finding one at school, or some kind of club or something..

Linda asks…

What are ways to cope when you lose your best friend?

Okay so I JUST found out my best friend is moving :(
I’m really sad and I do have many other friends but not like her.
How am I supposed to find a new best friend?
How am I supposed to get over this?
Losing a best friend is HORRIBLE!

New Niche Finder answers:

I lost 8 friends when i was in iraq. You just learn to survive. You dont have to make a new best friend. You have youre best friend. You go in different directions. Thats life. Youll be ok. Its horrible but youre not thinking about the new opportunities that youre about to meet in life.

Helen asks…

Best Friend Found a new best friend?

Alright so my best friend and I have been best friends since 1 year..well this year she kind of always acts soo
“bored “around me..and this girl “Jenna” always comes to her and gives her hugs and takes her away sometimes, and I go hang out with other peeps and then she ask’s me ohh why did you go away ? And I was just like because unno I had nothing better to do but stand, and she’s like ohh..
and they always tell each other secrets and starting from today she starts giving me short answers on msn like.. for “example”

fake names other then mine

Mercella: whats up?
mercella: ???
best friend: nm
mercella: cool
and they are just such boring conversations and we just have fun sometimes but other times i feel like we shouldnt be talking or something…

I mean I want to tell her this but.. I’m kind of afraid to, any ideas. maybe reveange?

I know 2 fires make a bigger one but maybe not maybe she can tell me how i act then i tell her shes an honest person

New Niche Finder answers:

Sometimes friends grow away. Tell her straight up you don’t think you should be friends anymore if that’s what you think, or tell her how you feel ‘ditched’ when she ignores you. Ask next time she leaves with Jenna if you could join 2. If she doesn’t want to she ain’t a real friend.

Daniel asks…

My Best Friend Found A New Friend And Is Drifting Away?

My freshman year of high school I met this guy (we’ll call him David) and we clicked on a friendship level. We are into a lot of the same things and we hung out a lot. In our freshman year, we also had another friend who liked to hang out with. I wasn’t fancy of this person (we’ll call him Joe). We had a friendship that can only be described as a three person friendship. Throughout the year Joe and I had a few arguments and we only put up with each other because we were friends with David. At the end of freshman year, Joe went to a different school leaving David and I to increase our friendship. Over the summer David and I talked a lot and did some stuff together. Also over the summer David said that I was his best friend and I told him that he was mine. However when sophomore year started he branched out to find another friend. He found another friend (we’ll call him Tyler). They became good friends and I was happy for him. I found two good friends as well, however David was still my number one friend. Now ever since he met Tyler, I have been pushed to the side just like how he treated me with Joe.

For instance, I would ask David if he wants to go buy food with me at a football game at our school and he said no. So I went by myself, but when I came back Tyler asked David if he wanted to go get food with him and David said sure. Not 5 minutes later. I have brought this up before and he says sorry and says how he doesn’t mean it. But I can’t just keep bringing up the subject.

What I’m asking is a way for me and David to secure our friendship an not lose it. I don’t want to be a complete jerk and cut off Tyler and David’s friendship… I just want to make sure that me and David stay best friends. Also, I’m not going to cut off my friendship with David. He is my best friend and I would do anything for him. Thank you so much :)

New Niche Finder answers:

I know exactly what your going through I’m actually dealing with the exact same problem myself! Well what im doing is distancing myself from my (David) to see if she actually cares…and she does she now is inviting me to more things than she used too..but its still kinda weird..i think you should tell david that you feel like you are the second choice to tyler and you dont like it tell him that you wish that you could be bestfriends like you used to be…or ask to hang out with david and tyler and be like the three amigos:) if he still ignores you after that then invite him places with you on the weekends if that doesnt work then forget him he clearly doesnt care about your friendship and you dont deserve that!! I hope this helped:D

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