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Your Questions About How To Find A New Best Friend

Steven asks…

How to Deal With My Best Friend Moving Away?

So… my best friend is moving really far away and i don’t know how to handle it!! I’m gonna fall apart with out her! and those who say to just move on and find new friends, I DON’T WANT A NEW BEST FRIEND, nobody could ever replace her! EVER! i’m 14, and she is 15, and we just started high school together…. i don’t know what to do!!

New Niche Finder answers:

My bff moved away when I was about to start middle school. Tell her shes an awsome friend and constantly email,text, and talk on the phone with her. Plan times for her to visit and you can make it work. I promise =). I know what ur goign through.

David asks…

How do you find a new friend when you cant let your old one go?

I recently put a question here that said:
If a friend says shes your friend but doesn’t act like it what should you say or do?
Alot of people said that I should find a new friend. I cant let her go, though. Its to hard. Even though she is extremly mean to me shes my best friend. Does anyone have any advice??

New Niche Finder answers:

If she’s mean to u,why is she ur best friend? I’m sure ur a good person. Find someone who’s worthy of you!!:<)

Betty asks…

Is it time for me to find a new friend? Or forgive and forget? Sorry this is long, but I need help, please?

Okay so their names are Hannah and Alexis.

Hannah and Alexis are best friends, and considered me their good friend (but sometimes they leave me out).
But i’ve always liked Hannah more. She’s nicer, and funnier.

Them two got in a fight at the end of February, and that made me and Hannah closer for some reason. Hannah sometimes left me out when it came to Alexis. And since them 2 were fighting, Hannah was hanging out with me more, we actually had fun. I became her new best friend. Hannah promised me she wouldn’t ditch me like before, if her and Alexis became friends again (that promise didn’t last long).

Well, a couple weeks ago Hannah and Alexis made up. And at first she didn’t ditch me, but I could tell Alexis was jealous, and wanted her best friend back, so Alexis became clingy when it came to Hannah. Well, eventually, Hannah started to leave me out, which I was afraid of.

A week after them two became friends again, Hannah started to look annoyed with me, so I asked her if everything was okay between us.

She later told me she need “space” away from me. She says I’m at her locker way to much, and I ask her “what’s wrong” when she seems sad to much. I don’t know why she said she needed space from me, I still don’t even know.

So the next day I pretty much gave her space, and didn’t talk to her at all. I was sad, and confused, I thought we were closer than that!

It’s been a week later, and we barely talked at all. So on Monday I wrote her a note telling her how I felt about the whole “space situation” it was kinda a personal note, and for some dumb reason, Hannah gets mad when people write her notes, expressing their feelings. So of coarse she was a little aggravated, so she turned around and let Alexis read the note I wrote her.

Well the note fell out of Alexis’s folder and under my chair, so I picked it up to give it to her, and noticed it was in my hand writing!

When I told Hannah she didn’t say anything at all, but I could tell she was embarrassed I found out.

Later on Hannah said she was sorry for everything, and the way she was treating me was rude. But I was still hurt, and wasn’t quite ready to completely forgive her, but I said I did because I didn’t want drama.

So on Tuesday I still kind of ignored her, and she could tell I was still mad. Although she thought we were cool.

Well Tuesday night she made her Face Book status about me, I was like oh gosh, so I talked to Hannah about it. I said I don’t want to argue anymore, and she agreed. Now the next couple of days were better, we talked and stuff. But things were still awkward. But she could tell I was still upset with her.

So today, I took the risk, and wrote her another note, she wasn’t completely mad I did. But at lunch I was going to sit by her, but she pulled some one else in front of me to sit by her instead.

I almost started to cry, all this on and off drama is stressing me out. So I left. She kept looking over to see if i was crying(the concerned look, not rude look), which I wasn’t crying. But she never once asked me if I was okay. Which hurt, so I didn’t talk to her the rest of today.

But she told my friend, that every time me and her become cool, I find reasons to get mad again.

I have this urge to forgive her, but i think she’s tired of me forgiving her then getting mad. (She causes it)
But then again I want to be mad because she hurt me.

Should I find a new friend?
Sorry it’s long..

New Niche Finder answers:

Okay i get u girl..that happens with me a lot of time! Friends are tough but go up to hannah and let her know how u feel..tell her that u don’t appreciate her being rude to you and if she keeps doing it then dont be her friend…i know its hard as helz but if shes really ur friend she would care about ur feelings more…hope u work it out 😀

Lisa asks…

how can i get my Best Friend back? she found a new BFF!!!?

one of my best friends who lives down the street from me NEVER want to come over any more and her parents hate me, they say im too old 4 her! and she doesnt want to come over any more cuz she found a new friend who is her age what should i do? should i find a new friend? her act like i dont care (thats what ive been doing!!!) :(
i have wrote Emails to her also!

New Niche Finder answers:

Then just stay away from her then. Lf she doesn`t want to bother with you lts best not to be friends with her anymore

Chris asks…

How to make a best friend in middle school?

Ok so im going to be in 8th grade next year and I don’t have a best friend anymore. Two of my very close friends are both going to this new school. And we have this little “group” but I know they all have their best friend that they hang out with a lot more. And im trying so hard to find a best friend, but I just can’t seem to find one. And so I was just wondering if anyone knew how to make a new best friend. Thank you.

New Niche Finder answers:

Ummm…my advise?
#1 Dont listen to Jason.

#2 Those friends in that “group” of yours. Those are your number one choice. Try to talk to them more than you already do. If you do that, they’ll get to know you more, and like you even more. Trust me, the key to success in friends is to be yourself, talk alot…dont be in your own little shell, and try to dress nicely. Maybe like them. OR be a trends setter! Lol

Ok sorry getting off topic. ^ Those are the main things you should do though. 8th grade is really hard. Trust me, I just went through it. It’s when people try to find every little difference from you and them, and then they think your wierd…I’m going to 9th this year. I KNOW!

#3 As for finding new friends other than the ones you know, they dont really pop out of no where. Mostly you have to talk to different people. Of course start with your name. Tell them a bit about yourself. Do you have alot in common? Viola! A new friend!
Of course you dont neccessarily have to have things in common. But not so different from each other that you wouldnt want to go to the same place i.e. The mall together. (:

#4 Do you do extra curricular activities? (examples: dance, volley ball, soccer, etc.) If you do, then talk to the people there. Theres a reallyyy good chance you’ll have lots in common. One thing though, you dont need a girl friend. You can have a guy friend to! Those guy friends are always the best! Seriously.

So go get em tiger!
Just open up! Dont be shy…

♥Hope i helped!♥

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