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Your Questions About How To Find A New Best Friend

Ruth asks…

What do you do if a new friend introduces you to a christian friend?

OK. Of course your friend´s friend doesn´t have to be your friend too. But imagine you have just met a nice person, you guys are starting a fine friendship, and then you see one of his friends is one of those chirstians who hate LGBT people. Would you continue trying to be a friend of that person?

Anyway, if you continue you´ll meet that other person near him at least sometimes.

New Niche Finder answers:

Yea. They’re still humans after all. If they still hate you for the person you are, then screw them and your friend should understand. It’s not just the WestBoro baptists. There’s still ignorant people out there.

Sandy asks…

If you start dating your best guy friend should you ditch all other friends?

Suppose you and your best guy friend have a couple of dozen good friends of all genders. So if the two of you start dating, what do you do to those friends? Do you cut out all off them and go into seclusion, di you sicialise only with girls or do you continue everything just as it was before?
I was just afraid that by dating he maybe means he will expect exclusivity of some kind? Or might suspect that I’m cheating or like other guys etc. Can’t it just get complicated?

New Niche Finder answers:

These are all great answers Nikki. Your friends will always be of value as long as you have common things you do with them, or have similar political or social views. Don’t cut them for any reason. If you’re used to hanging out with some guy friends alone, you may decide to do that when there’s other people around, just so you don’t put yourself into a situation that can create gossip. (I know, they’re just friends) but I’ve been in trouble for hanging with a couple of women that I would no sooner bed than fly to the moon. There can always be a jealous friend who would say something nasty to open the door for themselves possibly. But latter in life those friends will become priceless gems that should not be abused.

Maria asks…

How can i explain to my autistic friend how relationships work?

I have a friend that suffers from asperger’s syndrome. He has friends that he is really close to and everything, but feels like hes alone because all of his friends have significant others except for him. I think that he is jealous of one of his friends boyfriend because she loves her boyfriend and he is just one of her friends. I understand that the autism makes him slightly emotionally immature, but how can i explain to him how relationships work?

New Niche Finder answers:

He probably knows how relationships work, but still doesn’t like having to divide his friends’ attention with their partners. He may fear that this friend will no longer have much time or interest in him when there’s a boyfriend in the picture.

People with Asperger’s syndrome often have a lot less friends or people that they feel close to than most others, so if their friends are too busy for them they may not have anyone else to be with instead, unlike a lot of other people who always seem to find someone to hang out with when some of their friends are busy with something or someone else.

I have Asperger’s syndrome myself and while I understand how relationships work and know that it’s perfectly normal for people to find a significant other and spend more time with them than with friends, I’ve always really disliked it when friends of mine have found a significant other. It has often lead to them being so busy and obsessed with their new partner and getting to know their partner’s friends and family etc. That they haven’t taken out any time to spend with me and the friendships have become less close and even died out over time. Having really few friends, who all have multiple other friends in their life, I can only rarely spend time with my friends, and when a significant other enters the picture I get bumped even lower in their priorities and end up never seeing them. While I’m happy for my friends for having found a partner they’re happy with, I’m also always disappointed because I know what this usually means for our friendship.

Betty asks…

How can you report your friends wall to wall with another friend?

One friend and another friend are talking shit and saying things that I don’t like how can I report their wall to wall conversation? I did not take part in the wall-to-wall I just saw it.

New Niche Finder answers:

If you really must, report both of them via the “Report/Block this Person” link in the bottom left of each of your friends’ profile. Check “Report this person”, and select cyber bullying or threatening others.

IMO, you should just hide them from your news feed, or delete/block them from your facebook. I don’t think facebook would be willing to disable or suspend their accounts just because they got in an online argument of some sort

Steven asks…

How do i get my friend to wear a dress?

How do i get my friend to wear a dress? I wear dresses but i want to see my friend to do the same like me.. What should i tell her?

New Niche Finder answers:

You can’t force someone to dress how you want them to. If your friend is uncomfortable in a dress or doesn’t like how she looks in one then there is nothing you can do. If it bothers you that much then you can try to get her to try one on and compliment how she looks in it. Otherwise, there is no forcing her to wear clothes she doesn’t like.

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