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Your Questions About How To Find A New Best Friend

Steven asks…

How do you block a friend from suggesting friends on Facebook?

I don’t want a bazillion Facebook friends. If someone wants to find me on Facebook, they will or they’ll ask me. If I want to find someone on Facebook, I will or I’ll ask them. I don’t want friends to suggest friends for me or have them suggest me as a friend to other people.

How do I stop this from happening? I couldn’t find anything in a Google search or in FB’s help center.

New Niche Finder answers:

I never found a way to do it either, which is one of the reasons that I got rid of Facebook. Then, they changed the policy so that I could be seen on all my friends’ friend lists, which I didn’t want. Just get rid of it; it’s such a waste of time.

I love the fact that you use the word “bazillion”, which of course is not a real number. You’re right, however.

Sandra asks…

What is the difference between a casual friend, an actual friend, and a close friend?

Also, is a casual friend the same as an acquaintance?

New Niche Finder answers:

A casual friend is probably someone you say hi to and chat with a bit, but otherwise you have nothing to do with them. An actual friend is someone who you chat with, spend time with, and who listens to you when you have a problem, but can back out on you any time. A close friend is one who stands by you no matter what, you can disagree with, chat with, move away from, and still continue to communicate no matter what the cost. That’s my idea of each one of those…

Donald asks…

What is the difference between a Friend and a Best Friend?

You hear people say…”Oh Bill is my best friend” or ” Betty is the best friend I have in the whole wide world! “.What makes someone a best friend over all the others?

New Niche Finder answers:

My best friend:
-knows how i think,what i’m about to say..how am i gonna react to a situation..he knows what i’m gonna do next,b4 i even think about it..

-he knows my deepest secrets..knows ALL about me..
And still think that i’m the coolest..

-he stands beside me thru the good,the bad,the humiliating,AND the ugly..
-he’d never leave when i need him..
-he’d fake a smile,even when he’s really cryin’ inside.
Just to make me feel better..
-lets me know when i’m wrong,but still stands by my side..
-if i ever forgot a b’day..he’d buy a gift ,sign my name on it,and give it to them..
-he knows why i’m upset,b4 i do..
-tells me that everything will be ok,and pray with me..

I could go on and on,describing my wonderful best friend,but that’s enuf :)

Nancy asks…

What is the difference between a friend and an acquaintance?

1 What is the difference?
2 When do you consider a person a friend?
3 If a person calls you a friend, does that mean that they really are a friend?
4 What qualities do you look for in a friend?
5 I don’t consider anyone but my husband to be my friend, but I do have acquaintances. Is that normal?
6 Anything else you would like to ad, thank you.

New Niche Finder answers:

1.An aquaintance is someone you know…
2.A friend is someone who is there for you in good and bad times, Someone who you can share your feelings with and talk to and count on to be there for you.
3.NO, sometimes people say it to be polite and not offend the other person.
4. Honesty, Trustworthy, Optimistic, Reliable
5. Yes, an acquaintance is just a person you know. It can be a coworker, a person you went to school with, etc.
6. My husband used to be my best friend, After i got married, i lost contact with all my friends, The only i needed was my husband because i could count on him, etc. Now my marriage is slowly falling apart and i have no friends to be there for me, when i need a shoulder to cry on… We all need friends to lean on.

Carol asks…

How does my friend stop his rectum from leaking?

My poor friend confided in me. Turns out my friend has an itch from the rectum. Then my friend has to wipe. Plus, there is a smell. My friend fears a smell might be around the area where the rectum is. What can my poor friend do? Will drinking more water or diet help? This is not a joke.

New Niche Finder answers:

Your “friend” needs to get a good butt plug, the plug will block the leakage from coming out.

That’s what butt plugs are for.

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