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Your Questions About How To Find A New Best Friend

Jenny asks…

How can my friend get rid of a free spy ware?

My friend got a popup that wanted to run a free spyware and virus check so, my friend did this and now it said, my friend has a trogen virus and it want’s my friend to pay $49.99 to get it off the computer and my friend has Norton and System macanic 7 and ran both and they both say no viruses deteced and that everything is running good. This thing won’t let my friend go online and it won’t let my friend make it go away. How can my friend make it go away. My friend doesn’t need spyware protection or virus protection, my friend already has it with Norton and System mechanic 7. How can my friend get rid of this thing so, my friend can use the computer again?

New Niche Finder answers:

SuperAntiSpyware (free) will get rid of this for you, did with me anyway, I’m just wondering how you will be able to download it if you can’t access the internet?? Maybe someone with a bit more knowledge will answer this for you. Have you tried looking for it and deleting it in Add and Remove Programs? Obviously your friend also needs to rethink his choice of anti-spyware programs as it’s not doing it’s job!!
Good Luck!

Mary asks…

How is my friend’s facebook site private when I am her friend on facebook?

So I added my friend who I havent seen in a while. I looked at her pics and all I saw was her wall photos not her profile pic. I also can’t see her friends list and can only see our mutual friends list. Why is that if we are friends why is it still private.

New Niche Finder answers:

She has added you to her limited profile so thay you aren’t allowed to view her photos or friend list

The Limited Profile functionality is a type of Friend List. You can limit the privacy settings for any friend list you create.

If you had people on your Limited Profile, they have been moved to a new friend list called “Limited Profile,” and this friend list has been added to the appropriate places on your privacy settings.

For example, if you hid your Wall Posts in your Limited Profile, the new Limited Profile friend list has been placed under the “Except These People” setting for Wall Posts

You are able to customize which friends and Friend Lists are (or are not) allowed to view your content.

To use these options, select the “Privacy Settings” option from the “Account” drop-down menu at the top of any Facebook page.

To add someone to your Limited Profile list, follow the steps below:
Go to the Friends page.
Click on the “Limited Profile” Friend List in the left sidebar. If you do not see a “Limited Profile” friend list in this section, you can create one by clicking the “Make a New List” button and then naming the list.

Click “Edit List.”
Type your friend’s name into the “Add to List” field. You must be friends with a person to add him or her to the Limited Profile list.

To prevent users on this list from seeing certain content, please follow the steps below:

Click the “Privacy Settings” option in the Account drop-down menu at the top of any Facebook page.

Go to the Profile Information section.
Select any Profile privacy setting and click “Customize.”

Enter the name of your limited profile friend list in the “Hide this from these people” section to restrict these users from viewing the profile content you selected.

David asks…

How do I stop my friends seeing my friend list on facebook?

I have about 200 friends on facebook. When people view my facebook profile they can see my friends under the friends list. Is there anyway that I can change the settings so that anyone that views my profile who is a friend, cannot view my friend list or see this?

New Niche Finder answers:

go here and where it says “friends” change it to “only friends” and save the changes.

Charles asks…

How to keep my friend from stealing my best friend’s man?

My best friend really likes this guy and he likes her too, but she made the mistake of introducing him to our other “close friends”. One of our “close” friends really seems interested in him and we both feel like the rest of the group except two would be on her side. Any advice on what to do? By the way the friend that we think is trying to steal him has a history in backstabbing her friends, or going after the guys her friend‘s are interested in. Help?

New Niche Finder answers:

Shes not a real friend if shes stealing other people boyfriends or crushes. Ditch her. She just wants attention and drama. Dont bother with someone like that, their not worth the headache and she’ll learn her lesson down the road in life. Warn your good friend who liked the guy first so she has a heads up.

Linda asks…

How a friend from seeing your other friends on Face Book?

I added my sister as a friend on Face Book, and I don’t want her to see the types of friends I have on Face Book. She has her account on a setting that blocks me from seeing the types of friends she has, so I want to do the same thing.
Correction: How do you keep a friend from seeing your other friends on Face book?

New Niche Finder answers:

Go to your profile then go where your friend space is then click on the little pencil thing. Click on “Change Visibility Settings” and go down where it says “See your friends list” and click “Customize”. Where it says “Make This Visible To”, click “Only Me”. “Save Settings” and you have hidden your friends list.

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