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Your Questions About How To Find A New Best Friend

Mandy asks…

What is the difference between a friend and a close friend?

Someone today referred to me as a close friend. What is the difference between a close friend and a friend?

New Niche Finder answers:

Just a casual “friend” is not really a friend, according to the many people who use that term. A better term for this is acquaintance!
A close friend is trusted, relied upon, etc. Close friendships usually take a long time to develop.

John asks…

How do I help a friend to help a friend who wants commit suicide?

My friend has this friend who she was dating, but they broke up a few weeks ago– maybe a month. Now he wants to commit suicide. I’m not friends with him, but do you have any advice for my friend to help him get over this? *I don’t really know if he’s going to do it, but he has the though. Oh, and my friend told a teacher at my school. So an adult does know.

New Niche Finder answers:

Tell your friend to not take any chances with this guy. Also beware, there is a thin line between someone willing to commit suicide and homicide. If he does not stop threatening to do this, call the authorities and have him checked out.

Ken asks…

My friend hided everyone on facebook and tagged me in a picture. How do i let my friends see it?

My friend tagged me in a picture on Facebook. Since he hided everything on his Facebook, none of my friends can see the picture. How can i change that so all my friends can see the picture without him having to do anything.

New Niche Finder answers:

Your friends hid* everyone on Facebook and tagged you in a picture. 😛

Donna asks…

What will I do if my friend say something but I have already promise?

You see, my friend wants to be mine friend but my best friend said no. But I have already promise my friend to be her best friend.

New Niche Finder answers:

Why can’t you have both… Spend time with both…Get to know both…Make your decision from there. You can have more than one best friend, Trust me I have 4… We all stick together ..We know one another and We care for each other…Sure there will be disagreements
But, Isn’t that what friendship is all about..Growing up together and making decisions with friends is wonderful, When you can’t discuss your personal issues with Parents… What more is a Best Friend or friends for in life.

Nancy asks…

How is my friend calling my phone from other phones?

I have a phone, phone A. My friend has a phone, phone B. I am receiving calls from a friend with phone C except friend C is in the same room with me and his phone is clearly visible. Friend B seems to be able to make me receive calls from any of my friends (or our mutual friends) without their phones doing anything. The numbers show up as those of my other friends, but they are not the ones calling. What’s going on?

New Niche Finder answers:

Does your friend have an iPhone? If so there’s an app thatballows you to change what the receivers caller I’d says… It’s pretty cool huh

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