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Your Questions About How To Find A New Best Friend

Thomas asks…

How can I get a new best friend?

I’m 15, and last year my parents and I moved to another town. That means I left all my friends behind. I miss them, but I’ve managed to make some new friends.. just not a best friend, or anyone I want to be best friends with.
I really miss my old best friend and want to get a new one. How can I find another good best friend and then get close to her? Thanks.
My old best friend now has a new best friend since I left. I’m all good with that but I just want a new one too.

New Niche Finder answers:

Stop looking for the best one…..try njoying evry moment with ones u have now. Sooner or later u’ll eventually find a best one. Have a nice day…..hope i helped.

Sandra asks…

my best friend found a new best friend?

ok well my best friend has recently found a new best friens (this new one is on of my friends) and they have been getting closer because my best friend and i tried to make our schedules match for scool but my BFF’s got changed so she changed it to match her new best friends. ever since then she NEVER invites me anywhere and her and her new best friend are starting to hang out a lot more and leaving me out. my best friend use to sit by me in our classes and talk to me all the time but now-a-days, wherever her new BFF goes she just HAS to follow and leave me out. some other people in my group have came up to me and asked what happened between us like if we are in a fight and we arent! she also has been a LOT mean-er (haha idk how to spell) one time i was talkig to me friend C*** about a test and asking what she got cause i did good and wanted to kno who else did good too! i wasnt going to mention what i got and i barely finished when my BFF yelled “OMG! WE ALL KNOW YOU DID GOOD! STOP BRAGGING!!” and she just flipps out like that over nothing and i wasnt even talking to her at all!! im trying to make new friends but its haard because my school is small.and recently ive been feeling very left. any suggestions on how to deal with this?

New Niche Finder answers:

I’d get rid of her.

Steven asks…

Do you know how hard it is to find a new best friend?

New Niche Finder answers:

It is very hard! Especially hard once we are out of school, married with children. I know how you feel!

Ruth asks…

…depressed because my best friend found someone new.?

i moved in july and we just have been growing apart ever since. we only talk once a week and every time i see a picture of her and her new best friend i feel heart broken. i just told her today how i feel. she said i’m right that she found a new best friend. im not mad at her but i just feel terrible and i want to still be close with her. she has been with me for my whole life but now i feel like sometimes she doesn’t know i exist.

New Niche Finder answers:

Go get your self a new BFF and post a pic on fb and say ” I never had such an amazing BFF!!!”

That’ll show the girll!!

But anyway dont get so hung up over it cause you dont deserve someone who is just gonna blow you off like that. Trust me, becuase I have gone through a share of friends and recenlty something just happened and that showed me who my true friends are.

My BFF is someone who isnt one to show much emotion but cried ifnront of people at school becuase she though that I thought that she didnt like me and I had pushed away.

Get a friend -not based on appearences but based on her heart.

Sharon asks…

I need help finding a new best friend?

My best friend got all knew friends and they’re nice and she obviously can have more friends than just me. But, the only time she hangs out with me or texts me or calls me is occasionally on the weekends when none of her new friends can hang out or when she needs something. I’ve put a lot into our friendship like going all out for gifts (both homemade and store bought) for her birthday and Christmas. And I put up with her bossing me around and taking advantage of me for 2 years. She treats me like crap. I let her borrow SO many things, for instance a pair of pants, and she doesn’t return them until 2-4 months later and her mom makes her come drop them off. When she last asked me to borrow something I told her no and she started lashing out on me, saying I was her best friend so i should let her borrow things. She always acts way cooler and older than she really is and acts like she’s embarrassed to be around me. So I just texted her asking a simple question and she started (once again) lashing out on me. I have asked her to be nicer and more considerate in the past, but she hasn’t changed except for getting worse. My last detail before I get to the point..SHE LIES TO ME CONSTANTLY. So..what do you guys think?? And how do I find a new best friend? BTW I’m shy..
Thanks in advance.((:

New Niche Finder answers:

It seems like your “friend” there was just using you for when she was alone and didn’t want to look like a loner or something. You’re definitely better off without her. Just stop texting her and if you see her say hi to her but don’t talk to her too much. You don’t need so much drama in your life and you don’t need a “friend” who lies to you. And about finding a new best friend, I think that you should just talk to people who seem quiet like you, because most likely they’re just shy as well. :). Good luck making a new friend, and I know you’ll succeed. :). Honestly, you don’t need a friend like her so just let he be.

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