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Your Questions About How To Find A New Boyfriend

Carol asks…

How do I get my dog not to be scared of my boyfriend?

My boyfriend has never done anything to my dog (which is a yorkie) and yet he is scared to death of him. My boyfriend has attempted to play with him, walk him, and give him treats however nothing seems to be working. My dog has even bit him several times. I am moving in with my boyfriend and really love my dog but I have no idea how to get him to be more comfortable with my boyfriend. I could really use some help.

New Niche Finder answers:

Well he may have had a bad experience with males. Tell your bf to go up to the dog very slowly. Don’t make any quick movements. If the dog barks, he should back off. If the dog doesn’t bark, he should very slowly try to pet him and be very gentle. This may take a few tries. If needed, you go up to the dog, sit with him, and start petting him. Then have your boyfriend come up slowly to you both and just sit. After a while of you petting the dog, slowly grab your boyfriend’s hand and have him pet the dog at the same time you do. This should show the dog your bf means no harm. After a bit, try to get up and leave him with the dog to establish trust. This also, may take a few tries.

I had to do the same thing with my cat. As a kitten, for some reason she just got a little mean and started hanging out by herself. She was even mean toward me. After a while, I just slowly started going up to her and petting her gently. It took a while, but she started to trust me. I had my husband do the same thing. After about a month, her temperament changed a lot. She now has no problem with either of us holding her or petting her.

Susan asks…

How often should i have sex with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and i have been dating for 6 months now. Lately i always want to have sex with him but i do not want him to be tired of me so quickly. Is having sex just about everyday to much? He doesn’t complain i just do not want him to bore of me to quickly.

New Niche Finder answers:

Once a day is fine and actually quite healthy. However you need to be very careful when you are having sex that often. Young people tend to start having sex so often that their relationship becomes defined by it and later when you inevitably tire of only having a sexual partner and not a real boyfriend you will find that a lot of what made you want this relationship so badly may have disappeared. Make sure that you are doing other things (movies,shopping, or just talking on the phone) just as often as you are having sex.

Chris asks…

How can my boyfriend decline being a godfather to his cousin’s child?

My boyfriend‘s cousin will have a baby very soon. There are “rumors” she might choose my boyfriend. He really doesn’t want to do it because he thinks its a great responsibility. How can he decline? She thinks of him as a brother!

New Niche Finder answers:

Being a godparent isn’t always as formal a tradition now as it once was. Godfathers used to have the responsibility of teaching their godchildren about religion which usually in modern day america isn’t the case. It is used more as a way of showing respect for friends. I haven’t seen my Godmother in years and she lives states away the relashionship never amounted to more than the names which is ok. The point was my mom wanted to let her friend know that she valued her. If your boyfriend is chosen then he should talk to his cousin about his feelings of not knowing what as godparent he would have to do. My guess is its not as great a responsibility as he fears just a gesture of kindness.

Charles asks…

What are some really sweet love songs to dedicate to my boyfriend?

My boyfriend is in jail and i wanted to know the names of some songs i could dedicate to him.

New Niche Finder answers:

DEFINITELY try some of Summertime’s End’s new songs – FREE at http://summertimesend.com/album/light-and-colour-2

More Beautiful Than You Believe <<< about loving a girl who is going through some hard times

Light And Colour <<< about finding the person who is just right for you

Dazzling By Design <<< about having a crush on a girl

Airport Dreams <<< about memories and love

There's Room On My Trolley For Two <<< really sweet and unique

Valentine's Day <<< beautiful song about love, and of course, Valentine's Day

When She Sails Away <<< song about a girl travelling away from her boyfriend

In Stereo (Acoustic) <<< beautiful song about dancing with the one you love

Linda asks…

How can I persuade my boyfriend to not feed our puppy from the table?

My boyfriend will not stop feeding the puppy at the table and then my boyfriend gets mad at the puppy when he begs. I have told my boyfriend that his feeding the puppy from the table is the cause of the begging, but that does not stop him from feeding him. This is driving me crazy. I have to train both the puppy and my boyfriend!

New Niche Finder answers:

Crate the dog during meal times or any time food is out, that way he won’t even have the chance. Tell your boyfriend that if he really has to give the dog human food that it *must* be after everyone is finished eating, food is put away, and *never* near the table or wherever you eat. Also, he should get it very infrequently, so he doesn’t expect it, and the dog needs to work for the human food he gets (training exercises, such as sit, down, or any tricks you want the dog to learn), or he may not respond as well to obedience training with treats.

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