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Your Questions About How To Find A New Boyfriend

Chris asks…

What should i get my boyfriend for valentines day ?

SO me and my boyfriend have been dating since the 25th of january 2010 . And We haven’t said i love you or anything and we’ve kissed and stuff we haven’t made out yet . But thats okay and i wanna get him something for valentines day. My parents don’t know about me and matt ( the boyfriend) and i don’t know what to get him. Help?

New Niche Finder answers:

Ok. So me and my boyfriend have been going out since the 20th of january 2010…so i know where your coming from, we’ve been taking it slow too(: and so me and my friend are going shopping for our boyssss and we have a SUPER good idea. Ok, so were going to build-a-bear workshop (hahahahaha dont ask.) and were making them some bearsss(: ADVICE: dont buy a bear…they cost wayyyyy too much moneyyy and all you have to do is get a regular bear and just buy the clothess. OK ANYYWAYSS. Were gonna get clothes to match their…personality i guess haha or what they likee to dooo. Like, my friends getting her boyfriend a surfer bear because he likes to surf, and im getting myyy boyfriend a lacrosse bear because he plays lacrosse. GOOD LUCK(: and i hope you find somethingg(:

Mary asks…

What do you buy a boyfriend for Christmas?

A serious boyfriend. Not one of those one to two month type ones.
One that you’ve been with for over seven months.

Again, please do not post immature answers. And if you don’t think that is long enough to consider serious, please keep it to yourself.

New Niche Finder answers:

I just figured out what I’m getting my boyfriend earlier today…

I’m getting him a pair of Celtics tickets and a pair of Red Sox tickets and then a few items from each team and I’m going to make a little gift basket with the tickets on the bottom so he’ll think that he’s just getting some t-shirts and sports memorabilia and then when he opens the entire thing there are going to be the two envelopes at the bottom with the tickets in them! I’m getting tickets for when my daughter and I will be back in Boston visiting him while I’m on spring break so we can go to them together!

Shopping for men is so difficult… I’ve been trying to think of what to get him for a month and today it just came to me (as I was reading an article that Sox tickets go on sale this friday…) You just have to figure out something that he really loves (in my case my boyfriend loves all Boston sports teams) and try to think of something that he doesn’t have and that he’ll like! Or you could just straight up ask him what he wants (although I tried that a few weeks ago and couldn’t get a straight answer…) or go the gift card route… I know it’s not much, but I hope it helps…

Nancy asks…

How do I help my dog adjust to my boyfriend and his son moving in?

My boyfriend and his son have recently moved in with me and my two dogs. My one dog isnt bothered by this at all but my other dog has become fearful and submissive. He gets scared with any kind of loud noise and slinks past my boyfriend. I know my boyfriend has never hurt him, he feeds him and plays fetch with him everyday. But, when we are inside the house the dog is scared… HELP PLEASE!

New Niche Finder answers:

For now, get your boyfriend and his son to mostly ignore the dog when they are inside the house. No talk, no touch, no eye-contact. Try to not make any loud noises around the dog. No eye-contact is really important because that can be seen as a challenge.

From time to time, get your boyfriend to throw the dog some yummy treats from a distance, so that he starts associating your boyfriend with good things. Keep doing this until the dog is comfortable, and let the dog approach them. When the dog does that, praise him (but in a low key way so that you don’t spook him), and treat him. Get your boyfriend to crouch down so that he appears smaller and less threatening. Let the dog leave whenever he wants to.

Soon he will start associating them with positive things like fun and food, then get your boyfriend to hand-feed him, do obedience sessions with him, and walk him. All these activities will help strenghten their bond.

John asks…

How can i make my boyfriend grow boobs?

Me and my boyfriend have been together 6 months and ive found my self growing more attracted to woman. but i love my boyfriend. so i was thinking he could grow a lovely pair of moobs (man boobs). any suggestions?

New Niche Finder answers:

You may have some sexuality issues. Getting your boyfriend to grow moobs is not the way to address it! Maybe you should speak to someone who can help you decide what you really want

Lisa asks…

How can I get my parents to like my boyfriend?

My parents don’t like my boyfriend. He dropped out of high school. He works at a fast food restaurant. How can I get my parents to like my boyfriend?

New Niche Finder answers:

Don’t try. If your parents don’t like him, they’re probably right. I spent two months trying to get my parents to like my ex-boyfriend, and they never did. It turns out he was a real jerk and that they were right.

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