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Your Questions About How To Find A New Boyfriend

George asks…

What is the difference between boyfriend fit sweatpants and regular?

About to buy some school spirit wear and it gives me the option of buying boyfriend sweatpants or just sweatpants. i want to know what’s what.

New Niche Finder answers:

Boyfriend fit sweatpants are the ones that doesn’t have the stretchy elastic band on the end, it’s loose and covers your heels. As for regular sweatpants, it’s the total opposite, of course, it has the elastic band so it doesn’t hang past your heels. I love the boyfriend fit sweatpants but im short and so it looks funny on me lol. Hope this helps.

Charles asks…

What is something legitementally cute to say to my boyfriend?

What is something legitementally cute to say to my boyfriend that he will respond back saying ” why are you so cute<3" please help.

New Niche Finder answers:

I have wrote this in my boyfriend’s love letter/birthday card.

“I don’t need to be Lois lane to have superman. I’ve got my superman.
You are my knight in shining armor without the white steed.
And you’re my hero that rescues me everyday.”

Ken asks…

What kind of excuses does your boyfriend use?

I really think my boyfriend is cheating. He’s always coming up with these excuses though, it’s hard to believe him! Can somebody please give me some input? What kinds of things or excuses does your boyfriend or girlfriend use?

New Niche Finder answers:

In my experience, a woman’s intuition is usually right. You are suspecting something and there must be reason for it. If your boyfriend truly loves you and wants to make sure he keeps you, then he would not give you reason to question him. Ever. Relationships with no trust really don’t work…do you really want to be sitting around just wondering and stressed about him all the time? NO!
You need to have a serious conversation with him and let him know how you feel. If things don’t improve, dump his ass PRONTO!

Thomas asks…

How would you feel if your boyfriend wants to become a priest?

Girls: How would you feel if your boyfriend says, “I want to become a Catholic priest” and your relationship with him ends because of that?

New Niche Finder answers:

Support your boyfriend.

Mary asks…

What can I wear with boyfriend jeans?

I have 2 pairs of boyfriend jeans from aeropostale and i was wondering what type of shirts,accesories & shoes would look nice with them?I have a light & dark blue jean pair.

New Niche Finder answers:

Boyfriend jeans are awesome cause you can wear them with a lot of things. You could wear cropped tops or maybe a loose fitting shirt with the jeans and some moccasins or Dr.Martens. For a more dressy look, you could wear a strappy shirt with a fitted blazer and some wedges or just plain flats. For accessories, you could throw on a classy clutch, beaded retro bracelets, studs, and a statement necklace. If you are just going to the beach or shopping, you could wear them with a tank top and flip flops with a nice statement necklace as the focal point of the outfit (Summer). In the winter, you could wear them with a fitted long-sleeved v-neck and a chunky cardigan with Dr.Martens or Hunter boots or moccasin boots or wedged boots. Also, if just going to school, you could wear a light blue loose oxford shirt, messy hair/bedhead hair, and some oxfords or oxford heels. That style is very classy and crisp. Just my take on the boyfriend jeans. It all depends on how old are you and what you like. Hope I helped! :)

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