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Your Questions About How To Find A New Boyfriend

Steven asks…

How should I start a love letter to my boyfriend?

I’m writing a love letter to my boyfriend of 7months and i’m having trouble on how to start it, any ideas?
This is my first love letter ever and I want it to actually mean something

New Niche Finder answers:

Don’t make the mistake of being overly sappy and talk about how much you love him and make sure you don’t write a novel. Just write something short and sweet, and if you want try and add in a private joke to lighten it up a little bit. This is my first “love letter” that i wrote to my boyfriend when I was 12, )we’d been seeing each other just over a month and it was for christmas, we’re still together)
I was really scared to write this; as you probably know, I’m not the bravest person. Right now, I don’t know if I’m going to give this to you, but if you’re reading it, then I’m braver then I thought. I guess you must have given me a reason to believe you’re going to react somewhat in the way I want, or, knowing you, better than I’m expecting.
Without you, my life would never be the same. It would be a little more difficult and a lot less enjoyable. I would have no one to tell me that people who call me ugly are wrong. No one to pick me up when I fall, literally and figuratively, and no one to tell me they like catnip. I wouldn’t be the same person without you.
831: 8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning
It’s that simple.
Your Kitty :)
Merry Christmas

The zipper part was a private joke and the way I signed it was also a private joke

Daniel asks…

What should I give my 19 year old boyfriend for his birthday?

I really want my boyfriend‘s birthday to be special, but I don’t know what to give him. Any suggestions?

New Niche Finder answers:

I have a really neat idea which I will actually be doing for my boyfriend for his birthday. What you do is buy something that starts with each letter of his name. So for example, if his name is Steve, you would give him something that starts with the letter “s”, something that starts with the letter “t”, something that starts with the letter “e”, etc..They don’t have to be expensive gifts, and they don’t even have to be things you bought. They can be homemade things, or even some kind of note. Like if he has the letter D in his name, make a homemade coupon saying “Dinner for two” or get him a gift card for a restaurant which you can both later enjoy. Be creative!
After you have something for each letter, wrap them all up separately in different boxes or gift bags, and decorate the front of each with the letter that the gift starts with. So when all of the boxes or bags are lined up together, they will spell out his name. I guarantee that he’ll find this super cute and think that you’re very creative. Even if the gifts aren’t expensive ones, he’ll be able to tell that you put a lot of effort into it, and I’m sure he’ll be thrilled.

George asks…

all my friends have boyfriends?

All the girls in my school have boyfriends!

New Niche Finder answers:

Boyfriends are overrated. Yes, its nice to have a guy to gossip about with your friends but its not as great as you think. You cant have as much fun with a boyfriend, you always have to tell them where you are going, with who, and what are you gonna be doing. Then having a boyfriend just puts more pressure for you to do thing you dont want to do, like kissing and sex. Boyfriends are a distraction. Love the single life and enjoy it. When your are ready to have a bf you’ll know, just dont go around looking for one or waiting til one finds you. Enjoy your single life, have fun.

Sharon asks…

boyfriend and ex-boyfriend issues?

okay, i broke up with my now ex-boyfriend a month ago and i found a new boyfriend. it just so happens that my boyfriend now is someone my ex hates. and my ex doesn’t know we’re going out…
*sigh* i don’t want any fights to break loose because of my actions.
me and my ex were together for a year off and on but there were times where we’d do each other wrong. and i was really saddened by his actions and couldn’t trust him. what should i do?

New Niche Finder answers:

Ok so boyfriends and girlfriends is a subject that I have helped people with for a while and in your case I would ask you if you still have feelings for your ex and if you do you need to confront the feelings before this relationship with this other boy takes off. It would be unfair to your current boyfriend if you still liked him. If the case is that you do have feelings for the ex in this situation I cant exactly tell you what to do. That is something that should be made by you and only you. Listen to what I do that makes me feel alot better. Do the obviouse make a list of pros and cons of the ex and do the same for the current boyfriend. Compare the results. Then once thats done make a wise choice. Compare the pros and cons such as which boy makes you happiere which one has hurt you more and after that I think you should know the best way to handel the situation. Just remember its up to you to make the final choice. I almost forgot to tell you to make sure the ex still likes you before making a choice because if you dump your boyfriend now and it turns out your ex has no feelings for you anymore a hurt girl is what you will end up with hope this helps.

Richard asks…

What is a steady Boyfriend?

If someone tells you that she has a steady boyfriend what does this mean?

New Niche Finder answers:

A steady boyfriend is a boyfriend that a girl has been dating without taking “breaks” in between.

For example, Ross and Rachel from friends were not steady, because they were on a break.

My b.f. And I are steady for 5 years because we did not take a break in between from each other. Lol

It means different things to different people, but ultimately, a steady boyfriend is one person that you have been seeing, its not casual dating where you see other people.

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