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Your Questions About How To Find A New Boyfriend

Sandra asks…

how do you say boyfriend in armenian?

i was just wondering how you say boyfriend and girlfriend in armenian

New Niche Finder answers:

Boyfriend = Ընկեր ( enker – latin )
girlfriend = Ընկերուհի ( enkeroohee – latin )

also if you don’t wanna mention boyfriend or girlfriend you jsut cay say ” Զուգընկեր (zoognkerh) ” which both means boyfriend or girlfriend, in details if any girl says my “zoognkerh” its would mean my boyfriend, if any guy says “zoognkerh” its would mean my girlfriend

John asks…

If your boyfriend dies…?

…is it then proper to refer to him as your “ex-boyfriend“?

Or is that too morbid?

New Niche Finder answers:

Technically, no; ex-boyfriend just means former boyfriend. “Ex” is Latin, meaning “out of,” although it’s better translated in this case as not or former. However, with all the things that today’s popculture has made “ex-boyfriend” mean, I’d say it’s best to refer to him as “past boyfriend” or “previous boyfriend.”

Paul asks…

My boyfriend best friend said?

On my boyfriends wall his best friend posted that this girl liked him and that he was happy for them. He said “Cassie (and added his last name) sounds good doesnt it?”, that he would be happy with her and that his friend and cassie have talked about it =/ My boyfriend then got mad saying that the thought of being with her is disgusting etc and she got pissed off. So, should i be mad about it? because it sounded like he would be better off without me =/ what should i do? my boyfriend, his friend and I are all 17 and cassie is 15 >.<

New Niche Finder answers:

Your boyfriend’s best friend is trying to get under his skin. It’s something that guys do.
Your boyfriend’s best friend knows your boyfriend is with you. There’s no reason to
be upset about it. Because you saw how your boyfriend reacted. Your best friend’s
boyfriend is just messing with him.

Ken asks…

Boyfriend/Ex-Boyfriend Name Mix-up?

When I am thinking about my current boyfriend sometimes I say my ex-boyfriend‘s name instead of my current boyfriends name and I am afraid it might happen out loud once. So how do I stop myself from doing that?
As a point, don’t think I do this because I am attracted to my ex-boyfriend because that is not the case at all. I hate my ex-boyfriend with every part of me. He abused me. Do you think finally telling him how I feel about him would make this stop? Or is it just a force of habit? Opinions?

New Niche Finder answers:

You need to tell your current boyfriend what happened in the past of you and your ex boyfriend and hopefully it’ll go away but if not, your current boyfriend will understand if you accidentally say your ex boyfriends name. You can tell him that every once in awhile you just think about your ex boyfriend cause your afraid that your current boyfriend could do the same. He will most likely understand and tell you that he will not do that to you and that he loves you with a passion. I hope everything works out.

Linda asks…

What exactly ARE boyfriend jeans?!?

I see them but i dont know the diff. between Boyfriend jeans and regular jeans

New Niche Finder answers:

Boyfriend jeans are a little bit more loose then any other type.
That’s why they’re called “boyfriend” jeans, they tried to get the same style if you were to put on your boyfriends pair of jeans. They fit in the waist but are loose in the legs.

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