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Your Questions About How To Find A New Boyfriend

Charles asks…

What do my boyfriend cousin female friend get mad when she see me?

My boyfriend and his cousin live together and i live with my boyfriend. His cousin female friend comes over and spend time at night with my boyfriend cousin. Everytime she see me and my boyfriend cousin talk she get bad. And i dont look at my boyfriend cousin like that i dont evening no this girl why is she all ways mad at me?

New Niche Finder answers:

She probably thinks that you like her boyfriend or that he likes you or that she has competition , sounds like jealousy to me. Gotta love the haters ; )

Ken asks…

What should my boyfriend say while apologizing to my parents?

I snuck my boyfriend over to my house while my parents were sleeping. My neighbor totally told on me. Of course, my parents hate my boyfriend now. I suggested that he talked to my parents about what had happened and apologize for it, but we are both cluless on what he should say. I could really use some mature adivce. I really like my boyfriend, and i dont want my parents hating him. I need help!

New Niche Finder answers:

You and your boyfriend should sit down with your parents and apoligize. Nobody likes a sneak especially one that lives in their own house. You and your boyfriend seem to think you can enjoy adult moments together. Well be an adult and tell your parents that you know you were wrong and it will not happen again. Now that your love life is the topic of conversation in your neighborhood. It is the only way you can look your parents in the eye about this. Everyone will feel better and you guys can move on with your relationship. We all mess up your parents know that. It is how you handle the cleanup, that is important. Good for you for being adult enough to know that you both have to fix this!

Ruth asks…

How does your boyfriend apologize after a fight?

My boyfriend‘s the biggest suck up after a fight. He gives me like a thousand kisses and hugs. He follows me around like a lost puppy and keeps telling me how much he loves me. Is mine the only one that does this or are they all this way?

New Niche Finder answers:

My boyfriend has done that.. But only when he’s wrong or if it wasn’t worth fighting over in the 1st place. If I’m in the wrong, then I just say I’m sorry a lot. Until he tells me he’s forgotten about it.

Look at the bright side. What if he was in the wrong and he knew it. Then he hit you because he’s in the wrong and you found out.

When my boyfriend gives me a thousand kisses and hugs I think he’s trying to show me that it does matter to him what I think of him. Sure some things are going to hurt you more than others. But it’s the action to change what he did is more what I tell him.

Think of it this way. If he touches my ass in public were every one can see…I think that’s wrong and I feel more like a trophy to him. I tell him why it bothers me and that I feel that it should not be done in public. If he does it again. He gets scolded. If he doesn’t do it again. He respects me. But if I have to scold him and he starts to kiss and hug and stuff. I let him know he will get some attention soon and that if he had just stopped in the 1st place it would be over. But now that I’m upset with him.

But if he did it one time…and stopped and then kissed and hugged. He’s just showing me he’s sorry. I think that he was also really hurt in one of his last relationships. He told me once that he wanted us to stay together because it is so hard to find someone with the same values. And that his ex could never be satisfied. This girl made him apologize all the time. So I have to take that into consideration too.

I would just talk to him about it and see if he can understand that it bothers you.


George asks…

How to introduce a boyfriend of a different race?

My boyfriend wants to meet my parents. They’re both racist, my dad being the worst of the two. My boyfriend is black, and they both are gonna hate it. How do I introduce him without them screaming?

New Niche Finder answers:

Well you definitely need to prep them ahead of time, alone. Let them know in no uncertain terms that while you are aware of their feelings, if they cannot keep it to themselves and be welcoming to your boyfriend you will not bring him around which will mean they will see you less. Be kind, yet strong during this conversation (or email if a face to face is not possible) and ask them to respond. Be prepared for a negative response and stand your ground if that happens, DO NOT bring your boyfriend over until they relent. Hopefully they will surprise you with some personal growth :)

Sandy asks…

How do I make my boyfriend show me that he loves me?

My boyfriend plays games all day and works most of the night. He tells me he loves me all the time he just doesnt show it please help me help him to show his true feelings.

New Niche Finder answers:

I think you need to spend your time searching for a new boyfriend while he is playing games all day
Find a guy who REALLY cares for you and hopefully enjoys spending time with you.
Perhaps your boyfriend is showing his true feelings, and you cannot handle the truth

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