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Your Questions About How To Find A New Car

Linda asks…

What car or car company makes cars with a sportshift option. Or a sequential sportshift.?

What car or car company makes cars with a sportshift option. Or a sequential sportshift. It is when you have an automatic car, but can kind of be a manual car. What companyies maked cars with this option, or comes standerd.

New Niche Finder answers:

The only car manufacturers that i can think of that use a proper sequential gearbox is Ascari and i think Koenigsegg. Other manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Audi etc use automated manual transmissions that can be operated by a paddle shift or button system to change gear or can be used as a full automatic.

Jenny asks…

What makes a clone car different from a regular car?

Is a clone car really that different? Does it just mean that things were added to it? Someone help!

New Niche Finder answers:

Clones can be great cars, usually it starts out as a base line model then someone installs all the premium options and equipment. Take for example a stock dodge coronet deluxe then add all the options, big block 440 Dana rear end , hood grill and interior from a super bee, now you have a clone of a low production car , be aware that a clone will usually not be as valuable as an original numbers matching car, but can be just as fun to blast down the high-way

Joseph asks…

What car is more environmentally friendly?

A electric car or getting a smart car or hybrid and using natural gas? (Yes, there is such thing)Natural gas only has 20% carbon dioxide.

New Niche Finder answers:

An electric car is more environmentally friendly, even if the electric comes from fossil fuel because the generators run at optimum load and temperature and constantly monitored and maintained. They are also sited close to the source, use unrefined fuel and transmit direct to the car by a very efficient grid.

Electric cars are just better to drive, quiet, smooth, smell free, high torque, low maintenance, refuel at home or work, no worries about vunerable and finite supply chains …

David asks…

How important are O2 sensors? My check engine light has been on, and apparently my car needs two Oxygen sensor?

My car needs two oxygen sensors replaced. How important are these to keep your car running good?

New Niche Finder answers:

If the dealer of your car said the oxygen sensors were bad, fine and dandy get them replaced. Rarely if ever do both of them dump-out at the same instant. If some “Jack with a Box” at Auto Zone said you needed two oxygen sensors go to a new car dealer that sells your brand of car to have your on-board computer hooked to their engine analyzer. The dealer can tell you exactly what’s causing the check engine light to illuminate.

If Auto Zone is wrong and you’ve already bought two oxygen sensors from them they’re non- returnable.

Lisa asks…

How to find the work done by a car traveling a certain distance?

I have a car of weight 1521.3 kg. The car travels 117482m. I make the assumption that the coefficient of static friction between a car tire and the road is .7 and the car is a four wheeled car. Ignoring drag and other intricacies, how do I solve for the amount of Work done, in Joules by the car to travel this distance?
Basically, what I am asking is how to find the net force in the x direction.

New Niche Finder answers:

I assume that the average velocity is constant, so the average acceleration = 0
The sum of the 2 horizontal forces = 0

The force that the wheels exert on the road causes the car to accelerate forward.
Work done by car = Force exerted by wheels * distance

The friction force causes car to decelerate.
Friction force = -μ * mass * g = -0.7 * 1521.3 * 9.8 = -10,436.118 N

Work of friction = Friction force * distance = -10,436.118 * 117,482 = -1.226056015 * 10^9 Newton meters

Work done by car + Work of friction = 0

Work done by car = +1.226056015 * 10^9 Newton meters
Round as your teacher desires!

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