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Your Questions About How To Find A New Car

John asks…

How does a turbo work on a car? What exactly does it do to make the car faster?

On a sports car, what does the turbo do? The intercooler, etc?

New Niche Finder answers:

A turbo increases the speed of intake air into your engine. More air can burn more fuel. So for every intake stroke of a piston in your engine, a turbo puts more air in that it normally does, and your car can be set up to put in more fuel along with it. This in turn makes more power. The turbo does this by tapping into your exhaust to turn the turbine. As air moves faster and is compressed, it gets hotter. Intercoolers take the air from the turbo and puts it through a radiator like device and tries to take some of this heat off. The octane rating on fuel dictates the fuel’s ability to withstand knocking. If air is too hot, you will need higher and higher octane to keep the engine from knocking. Intercoolers help you generate more power without knocking. There is more, but you didn’t ask for a book. :)

Laura asks…

What is the difference between courtesy car and car hire?

I’m sorting out my car insurance and it say as standard you get a Courtesy Car.
Then it says that you can get Car Hire if you pay a little extra.

I thought they were the same thing or is there something different between them?

New Niche Finder answers:

A courtesy car is loaned to you free of charge and a hire car you pay for.
If they are offering you a choice then take the courtesy car, it may be smaller than your car but you will only have it whilst yours is off the road.

Paul asks…

How to ship car from one state to another?

I am planning on moving my car from California to NY, what will be a good company that ships cars.

New Niche Finder answers:

How to Ship a Car in the United States

eHow Contributing Writer

If you need to ship a car within the United States, there are plenty of companies equipped to meet your needs, whether you’re shipping a regular car or a collector car. You can even arrange for door-to-door service, if you like.


Step 1

Ship the car with a reputable moving company that has a car trailer capable of holding multiple cars.

Step 2

Check out the company’s insurance policy. The insurance that a company offers might not be enough to cover your investment. Private insurance may be needed to protect you against loss or damage. This is vital when shipping a car on an open truck.

Step 3

Discuss the different options for pick-up and delivery with each shipping company. Make sure that the car will be delivered to your destination or somewhere very close. Most companies offer door-to-door service.

Step 4

Try Automotive Shipping if you do not mind the car being shipped uncovered.

Step 5

Try J.J.J. Carrier if you prefer your car to be shipped in a closed trailer. This company offers both enclosed and open transportation, as well as transportation for over-sized vehicles.

Step 6

Choose Reliable Carriers if you need to transport classic or collector cars. This company offers door-to-door shipping on a truck equipped with “air ride.” It ships to Hawaii and Alaska, as well.

Mark asks…

What is considered a weekend car for people?

is it necessary a sport car? or a convertible? why do people want a weekend car different from a everyday car?

if they like the car, why not drive it all the time?

New Niche Finder answers:

The vast percentage of americans don’t have weekend cars. I personally have my economy car that I drive to and from work and yes mostly during the week. However I have my 4wd manual 98 toyota 4runner that is just more fun to drive and fits more people. I use that when i want to go playing in the woods or if i want to carry people or my dog since i don’t care if her fir gets in the truck.

Ruth asks…

What is happens when the driver of a car gives the car a reverse thrust?

This is car terminology that i don’t understand that is used in my physics homework.

New Niche Finder answers:

I guess the answer would be that if the power applied overcomes the inertia of rest, the vehicle will go backwards. Whoever posed the question wasn’t an automotive type. An automobile is not able to apply force rearward unless the vehicle is stopped. So if the car has “reverse thrust” it would have to go backwards. If they say otherwise they are full of sh!t.

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