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Your Questions About How To Find A New Car

Michael asks…

What is the best car for a beginner to convert to a rally car?

I want to know what is a good cheap car to convert to a rally car. A few I know of are toyota celicas, imprezas, lancers, ford focuses, and the vw gti.

New Niche Finder answers:

The best car would be something small and cheap… You will tear up a couple before you learn how to drive…

Most of rally racing is driver skills , not how fast the car will go..

Ken asks…

How to remove longtitudinal roofbars from a gutterless car and refit to my own car?

ROVER 75; my own car has four threaded sockets, two each side of roof; I plan to get bars from a a scrap identical car but cannot see how the bars can be removed from the donor car (no visible fixings) then refitted to my own car..
Has anyone out there done this job?

New Niche Finder answers:

I have replaced and installed many of these roof bars and the black trim can be lifted up to reveal the screws under the trim so just remove the trim or molding then you can get at the screws. Some have screws in the roof and some have them on the side. Your best bet is to buy a new rack or you may have to buy the kit to install the the screw holes, they have a kit thats like a pop rivet gun but instead of pop rivets it has a threaded part on it that makes a water tight fit hole for the clamping bolts to hold on to. Most auto parts stores carry them. I am giving you a web site that shows the different rack systems you can click on the picture of the one you have and can see where the bolts attach to.I prefer the roof rack cross bars. And new ones are only $30.00 for the set. Hope this helps you.


Donna asks…

How does car insurance work when driving other peoples cars?

I have a 200bhp car and my car insurance provider (quinn direct) allows me to drive other peoples cars 3rd party as long as the cars not in my name.

Does that mean I could drive a 400bhp car then and be insured or is it limited to cars under my insurance group?

New Niche Finder answers:

Yes you can drive any car and it don’t matter what engine is in the car. 3rd party means if you smash up the other car you won’t get it fixed by the insurance company so you will have to put your hand in your pocket.

Helen asks…

What is better street car a big block with tall gears or a ls3 modified high revving with low gearing?

What would make a better street car/ race car and still drive comfortably as daily driver.
Both are around 440hp but the modified ls3 are high revving to 6700rpm with flat torque curve the big block 427 makes its power before 5000 rpm and has tad more torque but lower down.

New Niche Finder answers:

It totally depends on the final drive ratio and the *weight of the vehicle. Small lightweight stick shift cars with a decent final drive ratio perform better with a snotty high RPM small block. There would be less un-sprung weight on the front end of the car so it would handle better also.

Cars weighing over 3,700 lbs. With stick or automatic needs torque and horsepower to move weight. A righteous big block would haul the mail better here.

I had a bone stock 65 Chevelle with a wide box stick shift 350 hp. 327 small block that would go 14 flat @ 101 mph. It only had 3:73 gears in the rear end. Who knows how quick it would have gone with 4:11’s or 4:56 gears and a close box Muncie Transmission which had a 220 low gear instead of a 241.

I also had a 69 Chevelle (heavier car) automatic with a 375 horse 396 big block. The very best it ever went was 14:20 @ 105 mph. It also had 3:73 gears. I replaced the 396 with a completely blueprinted 425 horse 427 big block which I never raced. It was too scary to drive for me so I sold it.

Nancy asks…

What kind of cars can hold an infant car seat in the middle?

Some cars do not have the latches for the car seats to be secured in the middle of the car. Does anyone know what kind of cars do?

New Niche Finder answers:

LATCH is not any safer than a seat belt. It is supposed to be easier to install with LATCH, but that is not always the case. Some vehicles have a 40 pound LATCH limit, some have 48, some (Subaru) have a 60 pound limit for the child + the car seat.

Some cars have 2 sets of LATCH, one for each outboard seat and you can not “borrow” the 2 inner anchors to use it for the middle- Toyota specifically doesn’t allow this in any of their vehicles. Some cars with 2 outboard sets of LATCH do allow you to borrow the inner anchors to use it for the middle- in these cars, there is reinforcement between the two inner anchors that isn’t there in the cars that don’t allow it.

I have an 08 Chevy Malibu that has 3 sets of LATCH, but the inner set overlaps with the driver’s side outer set, so you can only use either the middle or the driver’s side at a time. Chevy Impalas have 3 full dedicated sets of LATCH that can all be used at once. Grand Prix’s do as well.

My point is- get any car you want and you should be able to install a car seat in the middle even if you don’t use LATCH. As long as you can achieve less than one inch of movement when you grip at the belt path, it is a safe installation. Visit http://www.car-seat.org/ if you need more help

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