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Your Questions About How To Find A New Car

George asks…

Need help finding a new used car?

I need help finding a new car. I need a car that will last me between 6-10 years. I’m looking for either an Acura, Toyota, or Honda. I need to know how much mileage I should be looking for.

New Niche Finder answers:

I would suggest a Toyota Corolla they go on forever they have great MPG and are a all over decent car. As for mileage i would try to get it as low as you possibly can but 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year is a good basis to go on when looking at second hand cars. If you know a car mechanic i would try to get him to come along with you to give the car a look over.

Richard asks…

Will my new car insurance company find out I lied?

A unique (perhaps?) situation: I have a Washington State driver’s license. I got a speeding ticket two years ago in Massachusetts (and paid it). I was driving someone else’s car when I received the ticket. I now live in Connecticut and am about to switch car insurance companies. Given the multiple states I’ve mentioned above, how likely is it that a CT insurance agent will find out about my fairly recent ticket? Thanks for your help!

New Niche Finder answers:

There is a pretty good chance they will find out but that’s not 100% guaranteed. There is a national driver registry and if Massachusetts reported you ticket to them then the information is available.r

Mandy asks…

I’m looking for a new car. I know how much I can afford. Where can I find which cars I can get for that?

Most web sites ask me to pick the car, and then provide the price. I’d like find a site that lists ALL the new car models, sorted by price (MSRP).
That way, if I know my budget is for a $20K car, I know what models I should be looking at.
Once I have it narrowed down to one or two models, THEN I can shop for a good price.

New Niche Finder answers:

Call a dealership. That’s what I did. I told them what I wanted, what I had to trade, what I had to put down, and how much I was willing to pay, and ask him what he could do for me. He called me back in like 2 hours and told me what he had available. I wasn’t rich, and couldn’t get exactly what I wanted, but I’m quite happy with what I have, it does it’s job, its nice, and it is MUCH better than the 20 year old car I traded in. If he doesn’t have what you’re interested in, call another dealership.

Daniel asks…

where would i find brand new unsold cars?

im looking to buy a car. i recently was tinking about how i could get a new car. im looking for 2003- 2006 model cars (depending on make and model) that were never sold as new during that year. im really hoping that someone could give me an answer soon because im really looking and i would rather not settle for a “preowned” car.

New Niche Finder answers:

Do you really think that a car dealer is going to keep a brand new car for 4 yrs without being able to sell it new? He would pay interest on his floor plan on that car for 4 yrs? REALLY????? Sounds like a car dealer who would be out of business in about 8 months. I sell USED cars that are much more not perfect than a new one, but if it gets close to 6 months in my inventory, I dump that pile of crap. Lemme ask again……FOUR YEARS???????

Carol asks…

how much would it cost to get a new car?

can i find a new car with 22 hwy mpg?
If i trade in a car for $3000 plus a $3500 CARS credit (cash for clunkers), could i get a new car for free?

New Niche Finder answers:


least expensive car cost about $10,000 plus $700 destination fee. Nissan Versa

a good car cost closer to $15K to $17,000

Honda Fit, Kia Forte, mazda 3

don’t buy a Toyota yaris or a smart fortwo

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