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Your Questions About How To Find A New Car

Sandy asks…

How do cars get in unusual position during a car accident?

How do cars end up getting stuck in the power cables? (car is vertical) or how do cars end up on roofs of house and get on top of each other?

New Niche Finder answers:

If two cars hit each other at the right angle going uphill I bet it could possibly fly onto a small building.
If two cars hit each other, also, the one can lodge above the other or cause the car to flip and land leaning against a pole I suppose. It’s all about the force of collision.

Lizzie asks…

What car is capable to be tuned up to go very fast for racing?

Not those expensive sports cars; a regular car that can be tuned up for racing. I was thinking the old honda civics maybe? I heard any car can go fast, but each car has there limit of going so fast before they lose control or something, what car is capable of going fast without losing control?

New Niche Finder answers:

If you want to go fast its easier to start with a car that is already somewhat fast. A Civic isn’t fast. Even the Si isn’t fast.

Chris asks…

What car would anybody recommend for a first timers drift car?

Im looking to buy my first car and little by little modify it to use for drifting.Im looking to spend 5-10k on a used car.Would anyone have any good advice or can point me in the right direction? Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

Haha! First things first bro, a 1991-1994 240sx is perfect but, you gotta get the fast back (the coupe is ugly). Now remember you need power. The car stock is 150hp. Not enough to drift on. You need to get an engine swap. Most commomn is the SR20 which is the japanesse engine for this car pullin 205hp. Now remember its a light car so that is plent of power, specially for a begginer, now before you start going sideway n crash you new motor. You need stiff suspension CRITICAL in drifting. You can get this car in goog condition for 2k-4k (shop around) the engine will cost $1500-2k plus intallation bout $600. You can get coilovers (suspension) for about $800. This is one of my favotite cars, you can fit some fat tires on it, n the turbo sounds nice. Look into it, you can change the front pop up light to the S15 front. It looks sick, now possibilities with engine swaps n mods on this car are endless. If you feel the need for it, you can even fit a SKYLINE engine in this car. Good luck bro…

Nancy asks…

What is car allowance and how does it work?

I will receive a car allowance, but I dont know how this works… Will I receive all the money once or will I receive monthly? With this money I can buy a car or maintain my own car?

New Niche Finder answers:

Firstly I assume this is a payment monthly to buy a car rather than a mileage allowance based on distance travelled using your own car. Often there is a requirement that you buy and maintain a car, but the specifics vary (I must have a car but my last job required that I had a 5 door diesel car not more than 6 years old)

It is effectively and extra payment in order to allow you to buy a car for your work. It can also be used as a top up for salaries (e.g. Where there is a salary structure and you’re at the top end of pay for your grade).

You will be taxed on it at the tax rate you are on, and the figure is added to your gross salary for tax calculation – so if it takes you over the 40% threshold, you pay 40% tax for that part of the allowance.

The important factor is that it isn’t used for National Insurance or Pension Contributions. This is a short term benefit in that you have less monthly deductions, but your pension calculation works out at less compared to what you are getting as a monthly payment as a “salary”. If you genuinely use it to pay for your car – as I do – this isn’t really an issue.

You will presumably also get a mileage allowance if you travel for work. This rate varies but it will be less if you get a car allowance. Typically its 40p per mile for standard users, and probably around 15-20p per mile if you already get a car allowance. The reason for this is that the 40p per mile covers deprecation through mileage and wear & tear, but if you get an allowance, this isn’t a factor.

Susan asks…

What is the car commercial that was broadcasted in the 90s that showed everything but the actual car?

This was a car commercial from the mid 90s or even earlier. It showed beautiful scenery with music but never actually put the car it was advertising in the commercial.

New Niche Finder answers:

The introductory ads for the Infinity car line. One of the most acclaimed new product ads ever conceived.

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