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Your Questions About How To Find A New Car

Chris asks…

How often to wash your car during the winter?

say your car is covered in salt, but it’s below the temperature where salt actually hurts the car.
What is that temperature?

New Niche Finder answers:

If you leave your car covered in a lot of salt, then to some degree you are actually camouflaged with your surroundings, the salt-coverered roads, the snow, the grey cloudy sky and low contrast lights, so you are more at risk of not being seen in time for someone to prevent crashing into your car. If you have a lot of salt, you should go through a car-wash…a clean, shiny car is more easily seen, and more likely to prevent getting hit. If you know it won’t snow and you won’t get more salty slush road salt on your car soon, then wash up !

Oh, something else I learned from experience, don’t rub the salty coating off dry because the dirty salt — micro-sand particles and salt crystals — are abrasive, and like sand-paper, opens up the fine surface of your paint coatings even if just on a microscopic level, making it more prone to get more rust later than if you didn’t dry rub it off, then rust grows.

Donald asks…

How do you stop your car if you run out of brake fluid?

If the car runs out of brake fluid and the brakes dont work can you use the handbrake (E brake) to stop the car?

New Niche Finder answers:

Yes. But engage the handbrake SLOWLY. Otherwise your wheels will lock up and you will go into a skid or possibly a spin or a flip.

Also, turn the key to the off position so that the engine shuts off.

If you are unable to stop in time and you are at a fast speed, and you are going to hit something, your best bet is to try and slide the car along a guard rail or some other continuous solid object. This will wreck the side of your car but the friction will slow it down quickly, possibly saving peoples lives.

Lisa asks…

How do I keep my car smelling fresh?

My car is always clean and I used those tree fresheners but they don’t seem to give the car that fresh clean smell that I’d like.

New Niche Finder answers:

Febreeze Auto find it in the car section. Works great keeping the car fresh with out being too flowery.

Also You might try a canister air freshener in the trunk of the car. The trunk can get damp and not air out like the rest of your car and the dankness or odor can cause the interior to smell. If you get the febreeze give the trunk a good going over as well.

Maria asks…

Do you die from car gas if you start the car in the garage with garage door shut ?

I need a serious answer .
You are in the house and the car is in the garage. You start up the car and close the garage door shut, the garage does have the little small spot for air. Can you die or suffer intoxication (or how that’s call) from the CO2 that the car release while you are in the house ???
I don’t think so but my mom kept arguing with me and open the garage door ~_~. Unless you are deathtrap or something. I don’t want to but it is winter and it’s so cold to leave it open >< .

New Niche Finder answers:

You may not want to open the door because it’s cold, but if there is incomplete combustion in a closed area you will have enough CO produced to make you sick or kill you. The engine of a car has very incomplete combustion of the gas and CO is produced in unhealthy quantity and the effect ic umulative, you don’t get rid of the CO in your bloodstream for a while.
Listen to your mom
“Carbon monoxide is produced by furnaces, water heaters, cooking ranges and idling cars. It is a colorless and odorless gas that cannot be detected by smell, taste or sight. The gas is not only deadly, but deceptive as well, because carbon monoxide poisoning often masquerades as other illnesses”

Linda asks…

What is the worst luxury car, and what is the worst economy car?

What is the worst luxury car (including italian sportscars) and what is the worst economy car? And I want to know why you think/know so.

New Niche Finder answers:

Worst luxury car puegot and worst economy car ford fiesta

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