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Your Questions About How To Find A New Car

Helen asks…

Where can I find all new car seats (the rear included) for a 1985 VW GTI?

I am looking into buying a 1985 VW GTI, and it needs new seats or just to reupholster them. Have not decided which one yet. And also if you can help me find other interior things like carpet and thing like that. I am on a budget so anything cheapish would be nice. I am not a millionaire. When I say cheap I mean less then $200 per seat. I do not really like the racing seats, so please none of those. I just like regular bucket seats, but they do not only have to be bucket seats. I don’t know how the back bench seats run so just whatever is cheap for that.
Also if you guys could help me make the decision on whether to upholster or buy new, that would be great.
Also, I was wondering if the 1985 GTI is the same as the 1985 Golf?
I have been looking up random parts just to see if this car would be expensive to fix in the future you know, and it has been hard finding things because they all say Golf GTI or just GOLF or just GTI. And I do not know which is which. If it is not the same can you tell me different models of cars I can pull parts off of to work with the GTI.
Thanks guys for your help.
Also when I say racing seat I do not mean all racing seats. I just mean the ones with the holes on the headrest. So, I am not opposed to ALL racing seats.

New Niche Finder answers:

Volkswagen is well known for the interchangeability of many of the parts between Golfs, Rabbits, Cabriolets, Jettas, GTis, Cabrios, GLIs depending on generation of course.

You’ve got a Mk2. The, I guess, formal name of your car is a Golf GTi but a GTi nonetheless. You can yank seats from any of the above.

The seat rails may or may not have changed but a simple swap will avert all problems. You can even take seats from a Mk1 or Mk3 if you fancy.

My favorites are the Recaro Trophies from Mk2 GTis

These European Recaros

The Mk3 sport plaids

Richard asks…

How to find VLF for a new car in California?

I want to deduct the vehicle license fee (VLF) portion of my registration fee, but I do not have renewal notice. How to find VLF for a new car in California?

New Niche Finder answers:

Short of making a trip to your DMV office, there is no way to do it online or by phone.

Bring lunch and a drink. The lines at the DMV can be long.

Another thought is to look at what you paid last year on your registration and deduct that amount. Might work.

George asks…

My new TOYOTA car found demaged on the engine piston, while it still under warranty period.?

I am TOYOTA VIOS car owner, my new car still under warrantty period.

I found my new car was on hold in the Toyota Service Centre ( Malaysia ) for more than 1 month.

Initialy , they don’t want to tell me what happend. After I insisted then they just told me that my car was found damaged for the engine parts as below :

Almost 80% demaged .

They replace the demaged parts, but whatever parts which can use , they install back to the engine.

That mean my new car engine will find the new repalcement part and old parts mix use together in one engine at the same time. I am worry are this engine will dangerous to me ?

However this Toyota Service Centre refuse to give me writting report for explain what happened.

Can I feedback to TOYOTA JAPAN ?

How to make complaint to TOYOTA Malaysia ?

Can Claim for replace a new car ?

Please help me.


New Niche Finder answers:

Humm there is something fishy is they refuse to give you the invoice for the repair. I would do this in steps. First talk to the Service manager at the dealership where it was fixed and demand the repair order that has everything written on it what was repaired. After all it is your car. If that does not work go to the dealership and talk to the manager or head of the dealership about your problem and tell them how unsatisfied you are. If that does not work go to the Toyota website and call there service center. Toyota is VERY caring of it’s customers if you have a complaint i think they will do all they can to help. My wife works for Toyota in there corporate office and all i ever hear is how much they care about there customers. I will also include a customer service phone number i think might help you.

Toyota Customer Service
Phone: 800-331-4331
Mon – Fri, 5:00 am – 6:00 pm PT
Sat, 7:00 am – 4:00 pm PT
Fax: 310-468-7814

All this being said i do not believe that the repair that was done would be dangerous to you but it may affect the reliability of the engine in the future.

Michael asks…

If you bought a new car said and find out the car really was used and miles were changed would you prosecute?

we bought a 2008 4 runner in 4/28/09 and was sold as new with 218 miles but we found out that it came from another dealer with 9 miles yet driven over 100 to new dealer only to show 2 mile at PDI and 5 miles a day later. i believe were not the only one done this too and was it right to file charges so they see how bad that practice is. major car dealer at that.

New Niche Finder answers:

Your car was new

The dealer did not alter the mileage.

You have to understand the complexity and the massive costs involved with altering the milesage on a modern vehicle. This is not the days of the old mechanical odometer that jethro can change wiht a screwdriver in a few mi nutes. In order to change the mileage on a modern car, you must replace the entire instrument cluster AND the car’s OBDII computer AND the car’s ECU. All three. That would be several thousand dollars, plus a full day’s labor to gain what? 200 miles? No, this is not what happened.

Also, the penalties for odometer tampering are severe. In evrey state that I am aware of, odometer tampering means a loss of a license. While Billy Bob’s Used Cars mya be a small time operator who is willing to take that chance, anew car franchise ABSOLUTELY will not. Ever. The loss of a dealerr license as a new car store means millions down the drain. A Toyota franchise costs several million dollars. If you lose your license, you lose the franchise, and the bankroll that bought it.

No, your odometer was not tampered with.

I am having a hard time understanding your timeline. I am also having a hard time understanding how you came to know all these alleged odometer readings. How do you know what the reading was at these various stages? You bought it with 218 miles, which sounds about right if the car came from 100+ miles away. Customers test drive cars, the car was taken 100 miles to get to you, your dealer had to drive it to clean it up and put gas in, etc. So help me understand the timeline and why you would think this to be a 200 mile rollback (again, to roll back an odo for 200 miles is absurd).

Lisa asks…

How to find compatible car parts for your car?

I am trying to find a new cassette player/radio for my car, but I don’t know how to find a new one that is compatible and fits in my car

New Niche Finder answers:

Adapter Kits are Available All Over. They Include Vehicle Specific Mounting Plates and Plug and Play Wiring Kits That Allow You To Remove The Factory Radio and Plug Right In Just about Whatever You May Want. They Can Be Found At Most Places That Sell Car Audio. Hope This Helps

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