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Your Questions About How To Find A New Career

Helen asks…

What are the statistics on a career in the entertainment business?

I am writing a career essay for my English class. and I’m writing it on 3 careers which is an acting career, makeup artist and a technical director. I was wondering if anybody could help me with some statistics on this. I’m having a bit of trouble finding some answers. I just want some statistics on the financial side of the 3 careers and how they have increased or declined because of the financial issues because of the recession. I hope this makes scene. Thanks.

New Niche Finder answers:

Check out the site princetonreview.com or the Occupational Handbook by the labor department. Both sites offer the information you are looking for.


Linda asks…

What career would allow me to design images and text along with some writing work?

I enjoy designing posters, making collages and writing. Is there any career that would allow me to do some or all of these things?

New Niche Finder answers:

I think illustrator suit with you..

You can find more information about career here http://www.allcareersecret.com

Hope you like it


Robert asks…

What career to write about for an iambic pentameter and how?

I have to write an iambic pentameter about a career like it is my own job, kind of like the pilgrims in Canterbury Tales. I am not sure how to get started. I am absolutely terrible at ANY kind of poetry. I have not yet though of a career to write about. Help? :)

New Niche Finder answers:

You can pick any career, and just keep to the rhythm when talking about it: da-DA-da-DA-da-DA-da-DA-da-DA.

Examples of opening lines:

I am a doctor and I heal the sick.

I am a lawyer and I spend my days
in stuffy rooms researching books of law.

I am a famous chef whose specialty
is sauteed chicken breast in brandy sauce.

Then just keep on going with more details.

Ruth asks…

Why do intelligent, career women think that intelligent career men should be attracted to them?

I do not know of any intelligent career men that date intelligent career women. An intelligent career woman expects the relationship to be a “Meeting of equals”, if you have kids he has to look after them as much as her etc etc. Yuck.

New Niche Finder answers:

If they devote their youth to their career….then they should spend their prime on it too….best to just die single…if they love their careers so much….

I am amazed how men who are just as intelligent and just as career driven…are still able to date and have relationships marry etc before their prime…..yet career women seem to lack that skill….not as intelligent maybe?….

William asks…

How do I start off a career in some sort of animal cruelty officer? Rescues?

I want to really make a career out of this! Its a passion! Please, it’s like an epiphany.

New Niche Finder answers:

Requirements to become an animal cruelty officer depends on where you live. Some states require you to complete basic law enforcement training and certification as a peace officer. Other states require you to be in a field related to law enforcement, military, or security with one or more years of experience in that field.

For more info on schools that offer animal cruelty officer related training programs check out this list: http://www.insidejobs.com/jobs/animal-cruelty-investigator/schools

Hope that helps and congrats on finding a career that you think will be a good fit!

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