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Your Questions About How To Find A New Career

Chris asks…

What would be a good career for someone who loves to bargain shop?

Looking for a possible career change. Currently in IT. I really like to bargain shop and find things for a good price. Any lucrative careers anyone can think of for someone who loves to do this?

New Niche Finder answers:

There’s a whole career path for purchasing. Especially for companies that make things, they need to buy a lot of ingredients/parts/wood/metal etc. Purchasing is generally seen as part of a bigger picture called supply chain — the bigger picture includes inventory, materials management, shipping, etc. As a purchasing manager, you would typically manage a portfolio of vendors, and constantly play them against each other to keep them on their toes and get the best prices. You also have to constantly find new vendors. There are degrees and certifications that can help you get started — just do some googling. You can also find courses at community or technical colleges. Good luck!

Sharon asks…

What career with horses are you in currently or interests you most?

Also, if you have a horse related career, what kind of side job do you have to help financially if you do?

New Niche Finder answers:

I was formerly employed as an apprentice jockey.

A horsey career that would greatly interest me would be the Clerk of the Course (Americans sometimes call them outriders or pony riders). They’re the riders at race tracks that help maintain order.

If I could do it all again, then I would set my sights on working with horses that perform in entertainment; things like stunt riding and horse shows such as Cavalia.

What about you, OP?

Betty asks…

What should be the career objective for the humanitarian worker?

What should be the career objective for the humanitarian worker who works on vulnerable persons and tracking missing persons?

Note: English is not my native language.

New Niche Finder answers:

Dear Smile:

Knowing several languages will help make you marketable and give you more options as far as what type of work you want to do. You do not say what your native language is or if you know any other languages. Based on your note about English not being your native language, if you are not fluent in it, work on getting to that point.

You also do not state your age, education or work experience – this information would help with narrowing down some job possibilities.

There are a lot of “volunteer” positions both locally or in a foreign country and they usually want people to be fluent in several languages – but not always.

If you are in the USA, there are hundreds of opportunities to “volunteer” and sometimes this gives you the needed experience to get a paying job or the organization may hire you when they have a vacancy. The local labor departments in each state also has this information and some awesome tips on how exactly to get your foot into someone’s door. And by this I mean, these organizations will contact the labor department for people to recruit. This would normally be done on a particular date and time and in a group setting. You would have to apply for the jobs through the labor department who would screen you before setting up an interview with the organization for you.

If you are outside of the USA or not comfortable with speaking in English, do an internet search for “worldwide volunteer opportunities” and contact the organizations that pop up. Sometimes their website will have enough information to help you decide if this is what you want to do or if you are qualified.

The law enforcement may be an option for the missing persons part of your question. But that would not be the only thing you would be doing. Contact them to see who they use in emergencies as a lot of that part is contracted out due to them not having enough manpower. The organizations that do this type of work sometimes will travel overseas or just work in the local community. Private detectives also track missing people, depending on your location you may have to get licensed and prove you are worth hiring.

In ending, a lot of churches do get involved in these types of projects so if you are attending one or are religious, ask and see if they can use you. Sometimes you have to come up with your own funds and sometimes they will sponsor you.

Career Counseling, Rockport Institute

Thomas asks…

What do i need to major in for a career in advertising?

I want a career wear i can work with a team and use creative ideas to make money for maybe a company. I also want a career that’s not boring, like i would like to meet new people and maybe even travel sometime. What would i have to major in college for a career like this?

New Niche Finder answers:

Personally, I would major in marketing or advertising for a career in advertising. However, from your comments, I’d suggest that you look into Public Relations.

Lisa asks…

What is the career name of the people who make facial cleansers?

I was thinking of doing that for a career but first i have to find out what that career is called.

New Niche Finder answers:

I believe they are called chemists. The reason for my thinking is, recently I considered creating my own line of cosmetics as a supplement income to my make up artistry career. I had to first find cosmetics labs in my area and have a consultation with a chemists about what I wanted….

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