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Your Questions About How To Find A New Career

Laura asks…

How can you attain a career working for a big time magazine interviewing celebrities or writing advice/columns

I would love to have a career where I get a chance to write advice for a magazine or career in the media. Any ideas?

New Niche Finder answers:

Well, these careers are tough to pursue b/c the market is just not very large.

First, to work for a highly circulated publication you’d have to come out of a pretty good journalism school w/ probably a graduate degree.

Even then, you’d probably start off making not much more than 40k, if that even.

Or if you didn’t go to a great school, you’d probably have to work at a very small magazine or newspaper in the sticks, like the midwest, and try and work your way up. But you’d need to invest years to get the experience where a large magazine would even consider you.

It’s going to be rough, not as rough as trying to be an actor, director, or radio personality, but journalism is somewhere along the same lines.


David asks…

What career path options are available to me?

I know I want to travel the country, and even the world, quite often in whatever career path I choose. I know I am in love with music, but I’m not good at any instruments yet. I also know I’m a strong leader. I’m a big fan of soccer also. So there’s a little about myself.

I’m currently enrolled in business school, but I don’t really know if I like the office job I’m surely headed for. I want an exciting life, and I want to be free. Please help. All suggestions are welcomed and appreciated immensely.

New Niche Finder answers:

Hi Blair:

Go ahead and finish up business school as future employers will look at this as proof that you are not a quitter and worth the risk. While doing this, talk to people who travel for their jobs – get ideas from them of ways to get your foot in someone’s door when you are finished. Also try to intern or volunteer in the field you want to get into. This is an excellent way to make sure it is something you want to pursue, get some experience and they usually offer you a job vacancy before looking outside the company.

Companies these days are looking for passion so try to figure out what your career passions are and go after them. Questions like – what type of music do you want to get into? Locations you are willing to travel to or relocate to? Is the salary a big issue?

Business is an excellent foundation for other careers and speaking to a Career Advisor at your school should help to clarify a few things for you about the job market. A lot of people specialize in multiple things, this way they are never out of options no matter what the economy is right now.

Traveling will also work out better for you if you are willing to learn new languages and remain flexible with your schedule. With the recession still with us – companies want you to be available when they need you. Gone are the times when employees can afford to hold out for exactly what they want. There are thousands of qualified people looking for exactly what you want! Take what you can get and then tailor your career path your way. Once a company sees what you have to offer, the chances are better that they will want to keep you and keep you happy.

Career Counseling, Rockport Institute

Steven asks…

What is the best way to find a career that you are happy with?

How did you decide on your present career? What is the formula for long lasting fulfillment with your job or career? Are you your own boss?

New Niche Finder answers:

This is a tough one. You may want to take an apptitude test to see where your interests and strengths are.

There’s a book, “What Color Is Your Parachute?” that has a lot of information on helping you decide a career. A link for it is below.

There are probably other books to help you out, too.

Robert asks…

What are my career choices as a philosophy major?

What careers are available to a philosophy major? Whats the market value of one?

So far, my only plans is to get all my necessary degrees and move on to graduate school and have a career as a professor/researcher. I would like to know of more options so that I can fall back on if that doesn’t work for me.

New Niche Finder answers:

Grad school sounds great, especially if you have a keen mind for philosophy. You probably do if you’re thinking of it. Other options I’ve considered in the past when in school studying P were law school, medical school, becoming a writer somehow (with a creative writing masters degree). If you’ve ever been personality type (Myers-Brigg) it is available in career centers in colleges Career development center for a fee of about $15. It should tell you the career options. Any direction helps when it comes to choosing a profession. I was typed good for those literary/analytical/creative subjects such as professor, lawyer, etc. There were others, but i wasn’t interested.
If you ever decide to go to liberal arts studies in grad school better be prepared to bust your butt and become the very best in your community and publish and get your recognition by being very socially suave and competent with your knowledge. It is very competitive to get a position! I chose to not enter P or psych (my other). I chose not to for personal reasons, including my desire to choose a more practical profession that did not have issues with job availability.

You will be glad when you make the decision of your heart. But be prepared to work hard no matter what you choose. Good luck.

Charles asks…

What is the definition of a professional career?

I want a concrete definition of professional career. What is the cut-off or deciding factor of whether a career is considered professional. I know doctors, engineers…are professional careers. But I need a more in-depth definition that will help me classify all sorts of careers.

New Niche Finder answers:

I think, engaging in a given activity as a source of livelihood or as a career, would be pretty accurate. :)

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