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Your Questions About How To Find A New Career

George asks…

What can learning a language help you with in your future career?

What sort of career can you get out of it, and what type of qualifications?

New Niche Finder answers:

It makes you more employable in any career, whether or not your language is actually needed in the particular job, because it shows you are capable of the sustained effort needed to go beyond mere high school requirements. In this increasingly multilingual world, it will help you get along better with your future colleagues. And if you follow through and become truly fluent, you can work in the fields of diplomacy, teaching, translation, interpreting, human resources, international business, tourism, and the hospitality industry [hotels, restaurants], to name just a few. Your employers will be able to send you to foreign locations for higher level conferences, etc. Your pay will be higher in any field with added language qualifications.

Michael asks…

What is the difference between a Career Diploma and a certification?

Looking at online courses and they offer both. Career Diploma tends to cost more and maybe even take longer but will an employer look at that as much as a certification?
I can’t afford to just get a degree, I have tried all avenues and I think at least trying to get a IT certification/We Design will at least get me in the door and go from there.

New Niche Finder answers:

Depends on what area of study. Certifications are widely regarded as the norm when it comes to IT work, but not so well in other areas.

Also, be wary of online programs. Here is an FTC article warning of the dangers of same fake online diploma mills:

As to getting an IT degree – make sure you go to a place with a good reputation. Other than that, a cert in IT is a great career move. I know several friends who have done that and they now have great jobs that they enjoy and are making enough money to live very comfortably. Good Luck

Maria asks…

How do I use “career inventory” in a sentence?

Career inventory is a tool used in career planning to assess one’s interests, strengths, skills, and values.

Although I’ve been given the definition, I have absolutely no idea how to use this phrase in a sentence. ; w ;

Please help? >u<

New Niche Finder answers:

In order to become a successful person one have to manage career inventory effectively.

Mandy asks…

How can i start this career goals essay?

career goals essay for photography. i want the essay to flow right, i just cant seem to find the right words at the moment. any ideas on how i could start?

New Niche Finder answers:

Start the essay with a short introductory paragraph on the importance of career goals.
* Research the career and interests that relate to the career goal. Research should include information about the career like statistical data on salary, the work done in the career or historical information on the career.
* Write a thesis. Unlike other essays, a thesis for a personal essay on interests and career goals should be in first person.
Write many drafts so that you will get right words

Linda asks…

What career could I have studying paranormal occult?

I would like to build a career in the study of the paranormal. What career would that be? Please no rude comments.

New Niche Finder answers:

You could be a Parapsychologist or some sort of paranormal investigator that might get paid for if it worth it to the client or just some sort of Author there also Shamanism and if your the real deal fortune telling just be sure you can pay the bill with the worth while career or you could be some sort of priest.

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