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Your Questions About How To Find A New Career

Chris asks…

What is a good site for various personality and career matching tests?

I am not really referring to career interests in general. I am looking more for a site that combines ability and personality. Then with the combined info, suggests specific careers.
It would be better if it did not include an aptitude test. If it had questions that asked whether or not this was a skill.

I wasn’t wanting something that took an hour or two to complete.

New Niche Finder answers:


and many more you can find via google. Just type . Career match.


Mary asks…

What kinds of career information can you find in libraries and on the internet?

What kinds of career information can you find in libraries and on the internet?

New Niche Finder answers:

Check out ALIS. It’s got all kinds of career info for Alberta

Helen asks…

What are good college classes to take without having a set career path?

I havent chosen what I want to do as a career just yet… But I would like to take some college classes. What are some good basic, core classes that I can use the most or use in the most career choices possible?

My career wishes are so broad.. Web Designer, Vet Tech, Journalism… I currently work as a Dog Groomer and I am 19.

Would like to take them online, also.

New Niche Finder answers:

Colleges aren’t trade schools anyway. Go to college for the chance to mature intellectually, not for base job training.

“If the university views itself merely as a place that prepares students for a career rather than a place that prepares them for life and gives them a deep appreciation of knowledge as an end in itself in the natural sphere, then it disqualifies itself as anything other than an academic supermarket.” From How to Choose a Catholic College by Fr. C John McCloskey, III… Good advice for all students looking at colleges.

George asks…

What coarses should you take to pursue a career in law?

I’m thinking about what to get into as a career. I was wondering what you have to take in highschool to pursue a career in law and if math is necessary to do that. Also, what bachelor degree should you take in university to get into law school later? Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

In high school, the best classes to focus on are English and writing clases. Speech and debate are also incredibly helpful.

In college, a political science major is popular but by no means reqiured. In fact, if you major in math or science you not only have access to more scholarship money during college (especially for women) but you can potentially qualify yourself for a very profitable career as an intellectual property attorney (patents, copyright, trademarks). You have fairly wide choice of majors in college — they key thing is to get top grades (mostly As). Study hard starting this year and you’ll do fine. Aim for at least 90 minutes to 2 hours of homework a night, at least Monday through Thursday, and maybe 30 minutes to an hour on Friday. (You don’t just need this for law — it’s just a good idea in high school and college if you want good grades).

Mandy asks…

Is there a career that includes advertisement and event planning?

So im looking for some career option, and i like being creative and i also love planning events, so i was wondering if there was a career that included both things or is there any way that those careers can be mixed together. (i also love cooking!)

New Niche Finder answers:

If you were going to go into event planning you would need to get sufficient training in things like health and safety. You can get event safety courses many places, but check out this: http://www.oasystss.co.uk
If may be worth taking a course, just so you know what it involves. I hope this helps you, and you end up getting into the career you like. :)

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