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Your Questions About How To Find A New Career

Linda asks…

Is a career in information systems still a good move if youre looking to change careers?

I’ve been in Customer Service forever and is not getting the satisfaction financially or otherwise. I’m ready to change careers but am unsure what to pursue. I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel, just to like what I do and make a good salary. I’m in my late 40’s. A career in Information Technology seems to be a career that could offer financial stability and seems to be in demand. I just don’t want to pursue something for 2 to 4 years and be unhappy. Please help. Thank you.

New Niche Finder answers:

Not sure about information systems specifically….but a career in I.T. Or Computing is a career one can start later in life and be successful. But the field is so broad that you need to decide which part appeals….do you want to sit down and program all day..or do you want to look after business computer networks…or do you want to be a project manager? There are so many other computer career paths also.

Speak to a career counsellor and people who are working in the computer industry to get a better understanding. Talk to the people in the IT department in your company (business analysts, project managers, network support, systems analysts, programmers etc) and sit down with them and get advice. Phone up computer recruitment agencies and go in to see them face to face to get further advice about the IT market…….consider going to the library and looking through the computer section…see if any book titles jump out at you or appeal to you…..subscribe to some computer magazines (or read them free in the library) to see if any specific field appeals to you.

Consider spending the next few months just researching the industry a bit more. Be patient and your rewards will come…

Charles asks…

How difficult was it to transition yourself from learning nutrition in college to applying it to your career?

I am halfway through my college career and majoring in Nutrition. I don’t always feel confident that I am in the right field. Please tell me about your experiences! Did you feel prepared for your career after college?

New Niche Finder answers:


I didnt study nutrition at college, but I understand how u feel in a way. I’ve been studying to be an (adult) general nurse for almost 3 years, & will complete my training in less than 6 months- & i dont feel nearly as ready as I feel I should be. I’ve been told that the real learning takes place when I go into 1st job, & there have been times when Ive felt I’ve not made the right choice in career- but I’ve stuck at it & will see how I get on when i get a job. I’m sure you’ll be fine though- you’ve come this far & you probably will have doubts at times, but your halfway there,

Good luck


Helen asks…

How often do you think people shelve their ambitions in order to make practical career choices?

Do you have a career that you love and that sets your heart on fire?

New Niche Finder answers:

This kind of thing happens more than you know, especially in the time of a severe recession. The thing is, many individuals are putting their dreams on hold to survive. In these times you may not be able to have your dream job. Instead you may have to do a job because of the money and how you are being sustained. Basically many have jobs not necessarily because they like what they do, but so they can keep their families satisfied and survive in a cold world. Right now our country is in a recession. There are thousands who are out of work. Its not so easy to switch to a job you love. Its practical for many to keep their job even if they don’t like it, because it provides income. As it relates to my career, I enjoy working with people, and doing website development. Both go hand in hand. I enjoy talking to customers and building relationships while creating websites through web coding to ensure that the websites are functional. But I enjoy working with people more than anything. Now if it so happens I have to do another job and put that on hold, then I will. I realize nothing is permanent. Even if you don’t get your dream job right off the bat, you still may land a job that pays a good salary and keeps you on your feet.

John asks…

What is a good career for someone obsessed with the universe?

What is a good career for someone obsessed with learning how the universe began what the true natures of existence.

New Niche Finder answers:

Experimental physicist, theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, astronomer or cosmologist.

Just major in physics or astrophysics at university and see what interests you. Don’t put your sights on a definite career in science without trying everything first, you might develop a passion for a particular field of physics that isn’t connected to cosmology.

Robert asks…

If I got a degree in computer science, What career could i have that would give good pay?

Also, is there ANY career in computers that is in Business?
Is there any career that I can get, where I could interact with at least SOME people?

New Niche Finder answers:

Here is a list of job/career tracks you can pursue with a Computer Science degree. You can do a search on the positions that interest you the most and get an idea of the salary ranges nationally and for your area.

Careers in Computer Science

Accountant ——- Numerical Analyst
Contract Admin.—— Systems Engineer
Information Scientist—– Compensation/Benefits Admin
Research Analyst —– Engineer
Actuary —– Operations Research Analyst
Cost Estimator/Analyst —– Systems Programmer
Inventory Control Specialist —– Computer Consultant
Risk & Insurance Specialist —– Engineering Lab Technician
Aerospace Engineer —– Physicist
Cryptographer/Cryptologist —– Teacher/Science/Math
Investment Banker —— Computer Engineer
Risk Analyst —– Environmental Technologist
Air Traffic Controller —– Pollution Meteorologist
Data Control Admin —– Technical Support Rep.
ISO 2000 Specialist —– Computer Facilities Manager
Robotics Programmer —– Estate Planner
Applications Programmer—– Production Manager
Data Processing Mgr —— Technical Writer
Market Research Analyst—– Mathematician
Computer Installation & Test Specialist—–
Satellite Communications Specialist—– External Auditor
Applied Science Technologist—— Production Support Specialist
Database Manager—– Transportation Planner
Computer Marketing/Sales Rep —– Demographer
Software Development Specialist—– Financial Auditor
Artificial Intelligence Programmer —– Psychometrician
Treasury Management Specialist —– Underwriter
Media Buyer —– Computer Programmer
Software Engineer —– Financial Consultant
Astronomer —– Public Health Statistician
Econometrician —— Weight Analyst
Meteorologist —– Computer Scientist
Software Support Specialist—— Financial Manager
Investment Manager —– Purchasing/Contract Agent
Economist—– Urban Planner
Mortgage Researcher —– Computer-Aided Design Tech
Statistician —– Hydro Geologist
Biometrician—– Quality Assurance Analyst
EDP Auditor —– Value Engineer
Network Programmer —– Consumer Loan/Credit Officer
Systems Analyst—– Hydrologist
Commodity Manager—– Rate Analyst
Employee Relations Specialist

Hope This Helps……

Kim N Carswell
Persona Affairs

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