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Your Questions About How To Find A New Career

Donna asks…

How do I choose a new career?

I’m 41, I never went to college because I couldn’t afford to (no one I knew went either). I worked production, factory, & warehouse jobs my entire life and with one, I got into a robotics position. I set up and programmed robots for over 10 years (the initial training at the manufacturers facilities was part of my job). I didn’t do machine repair, just setup and programming. Since then, I got transferred to another facility within my company. A year later, I was put into an entirely different position which crashed in around me. I was terminated because I was put into an “office” environment which was foreign to me. They, the whole “professional” group, just assumed that everyone knows all the things they’ve done for years. The games they play, the false communications they have (they can’t say what they mean, only in strange riddles with their oversized vocabularies), etc. How do I find a new career? How do I interview at this point with no transferable skills?

New Niche Finder answers:

I’m sorry to hear about your being fired…that’s really too bad – it seems like they lost a really skilled person.

One of the things I’ve learned from moving around from career to career is that you can sell skills you didn’t even know you had. You say that you set up and programmed robots. Wow! I think that you probably have good mechanical skills and a very spatial brain. That’s a transferrable skill. It seems like you worked by yourself while you were doing this. Congratulations, you’re good at working independently. See what I mean? You’ve got transferrable skills, you just don’t know you have ’em.

Also, what helped me was reading some career books and taking some local community college classes. I stumbled across something I loved by taking an EMT class out of the blue because I was interested in health science stuff, and EMT sounded exciting.

I found a great book called “Cool Careers for Dummies” that you might want to check out. It’s part of the “For dummies” series, and it has a lot of really interesting jobs.

Good luck to you!

Maria asks…

Injured at work, now I need new career?

I injured my shoulder on the job due to repetitive stress. I worked at a grocery store. They tell me that maybe I should find a new job, the doctor says it is unlikely I will be going back to work, and that even after surgery, which I should be having soon, this will affect me for life. I have been out for months now. Should I start looking into a new career? And if so, how? I pay rent, I take care of myself, and I can’t afford to go to school without an income, and where could I work with one arm? Should I look into trade school? Or should I just go to our local junior college? I want to be able to support myself, and a family in the future, I want to set myself up nicely…but I am so lost and alone here lol, can anyone offer me some advice? I like computers, if that helps, I like a lot of different things…maybe I should go play guitar on the street corner with a bucket to collect tips.

New Niche Finder answers:

I am going through the same thing right now. For me, the only thing I have left to figure out now is, “What do I want to do?”
I was going to school for nursing before I got injured in the US Army. You will find that if you have to struggle that much more in life, you want life to be worth the fight. Fist things first, DO NOT QUIT THE JOB YOU CURRENTLY HAVE!!!! If the injury is due to working for them, that is the worst thing you could do! You need to find out how much of the reasonability they are going to take for your injury. I know that sounds bad but when you are only able to work two weeks out of the month at your new job, you’ll wish you had looked into your former employer’s financial responsibility. Next sit down with your doctors AFTER the surgery (since that is coming up soon) and figure out what mobility you did get back. From there it will lead you to where I am at now. You’ll know what your limits are and you will know what you still have the ability to do. After all that, make a list of things you enjoy doing that won’t let your disability interfere with you achieving. There are message boards and support groups as well of other people just like you and me that can tell you what they did. Good luck to you!

Richard asks…

i need a new career! soon.?

i’m looking for advice on finding a new career, for the last 7 years i have had jobs in everything from farming, bar work, teaching english in a foriegn language, hospital matinance & labouring, store managment to photograpy.

i’ve never had a real career path and i never passed my degree because of personal problems when in school, i’ve done alot of travelling around the world, i’m 25, i can speak manderin chinese moderatly well but not to translator standards, i am getting married next august and i would like to have started a new career by then but i wouldn’t know where to start.

i’m planing to start a business studies degree at the open university.

i don’t want people to tell me what career to take i would just like advice from people who have changed there live for the better how they did it and what kind of things i will need to think about when looking for a reasonably well paid good job.

thanks in advance for any help given

New Niche Finder answers:

Ok mate, well I dont really know about what you enjoy but my advice would be to follow something you have a passion in/interested in as Im sure you are successful. Business studies degrees are ok but business studies is not highly regarded by a lot of employers as they are very general. Altho, it would give you a broad understanding of business which could be beneficial.
If you speak Chinese well, I would personally try and get fluent at this. Maybe combine Chinese with business degree as China is the future super economy and translators get paid pretty well I hear. Also, it will keep your options open. Good luck!

Donald asks…

finding a new career?

Presently I am a mechanic. I have worked on semi-trucks, lawn equipment and built assembly lines for auto plants. The problem I am having is I am falling apart. I can no longer function at work. I scheduld to see a therapist, but for that to kick in it will take a while. I cant be a mechanic anymore, I am horrible at it. The only reasons that I still am it is, it is all I seem to know about and I do not have any experience in anything else. N0 matter how hard that I try to do a good job, I know that I will loose my job soon. I really need help, I dont know how much longer I can take it. Does someone know any other positions or places I can go to for a different career.

New Niche Finder answers:

You might look into other manufacturing type facilities, but have you considered the other side of the shop? Sounds like you have a lot of valuable knowledge. How about putting your knowledge of vehicle repair to work as a customer service rep or shop manager? You could work in any of your prior areas (autos, heavy equipment or lawn care/golf maintenance) and not have to have the responsibility of actually fixing stuff.

Steven asks…

what career or profession you believe is important in society?

What is the career like? Why is the career important to society? How does it influence society?

New Niche Finder answers:

This sounds like a homework assignment to me.

Just pick a career and research it…. Could be doctor, clergy, fireman, senator, etc, etc.

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