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Your Questions About How To Find A New Career

Mark asks…

Is career advancement truly a reflection of hard work and character?

Career advancment is an example of socioeconomic advancement.

New Niche Finder answers:

Career advancement is a function of hard work, character, kissing up to the bosses, and proper office politicking. In cases where one or two attributes are overwhelmingly represented, the effects of the other attributes becomes negligible.

Joseph asks…

How to learn career and hobby the same time?

For example: People majoring in IT/Computer science and pursuing degrees in that and choosing as dream career and for hobbies they want to learn to be a singer, writer, DJ, actor and composer out of education as from online or they musical friends. Please tell me the tips and samples for learning career and hobby at the same time so that I will agree with you!

New Niche Finder answers:

If I understand you correctly, you want to learn how to be a musician/performer as a hobby while continuing a career/education full time. While it depends on your goals, to pursue any performing art as a side career you need to decide on what field you want to learn, get the equipment you need, and learn from a professional (whether online, a friend, or in person).

The majority of professional performers out there have spent a good amount of time working a “day job” while trying to squeeze in auditions, practicing, lessons, and recording sessions between work and family obligations. You are in good company.

Narrow your focus, then talk to others in that field. Depending on where you live, there might be a university, community arts group, or even an online community where you can find out what is available in your region. For example, if you want to pursue music, you will need to know where to buy an instrument, where to get lessons, where to perform, etc. In your area. After a year or two dedicated to your craft, then you can start worrying about making a career out of it.

Mary asks…

What career has the least amount of educational requirements?

I’m wanting to change careers and I’m not wanting a lot of educational commitments. What can you recommend for a career change with little to no educational requirements?

New Niche Finder answers:

Well there’s always the fast food industry.

Other than that, not much. Dental assisting/medical assisting/vet assisting only takes about a year to complete or less. Phlemotomy doesn’t take very long to be certified in, perhaps you would like something like medical billing?

All of these careers don’t require much school, but why would you want to work a job that doesn’t pay well?

Good luck!

Charles asks…

What wrestlers who has been labeled a flop but looking back at their careers they actually had a good career?

What wrestlers whose career has been labeled flop, underachiever, or a disappointment, but when you look back at their careers a good case could be made that they had a very good wrestling career?

New Niche Finder answers:


Not so much a “flop” but not the “success” he should have been because most fans seem to believe that if you don’t wrestle in the WWE and hold one of Vince’s “world” titles then you never really were a somebody.

Most fans will agree that Sting was great…for a WCW wrestler. And they agree that Sting is still pretty damn good…for a TNA wrestler. In both cases, the underlying meaning is Sting isn’t at the same level of Triple H, Stone Cold, Undertaker, HBK, etc. Because he never wrestled in the WWF/E.

And we see the question make the rounds now and then: “who thinks Sting should go to the WWE and wrestle ___________?” It’s never the other way around: “who thinks ____________ should go to TNA and wrestling Sting?”

Most fans believe the WWE is the pinnacle and if you don’t wrestle for Vince McMahon, you’re not as good as those who DO.

Kevin Von Erich might be labeled an “underachiever” and possibly a “disappointment” because he chose to limit himself to pretty much Texas and very little elsewhere. And that has some merit. Had he chosen to travel as his brothers did, Kevin likely would have been NWA World Champ at some point, and possibly even WWF Champ, as well. Kevin had more “mainstream” appeal than his “cowboy” brother David, and he was far more reliable than Kerry.

Tommy Rich. Most fans will likely agree that his biggest achievement was beating Harley Race for the NWA World Title…and holding it for four days, early in his career. He never again got to that level of “success”, but looking at his career, he remained a top draw in the “indies” (especially for Jerry Jarrett) throughout the 80’s and 90’s, and had a couple of good stints in the AWA and ECW. It’s not just about holding some company’s “world” title, but remaining a performer fans will pay to see. And Tommy was, for a couple of decades or so.

Kane. Yep, Kane. Seems most fans confuse “push” for “world title” and complain constantly about Kane “never getting pushed” despite being a main eventer, and on TV every week, for the WWF/E for more than a dozen years straight and working with the biggest names to come through the WWF/E during his time there. Too many fans determine success by number of “world” titles and for that reason they believe Kane has been “misused” and “turned into a jobber” and some even go so far as to call him “buried”, all because he doesn’t have 47 “world” titles to his name.

Paul asks…

What is the easiest career and career cluster to do a report on?

I have to research, report and do a demonstration on a career and it’s career cluster for medical science class. What is the easiest career/career cluster to report on?

New Niche Finder answers:

Easiest would be ones you see and know a lot about even if you are not associated with that job in any way..such as doctors, working at a supermarket, teachers, camp counselors, and other jobs that you are familiar with. Even a hair dresser or a nail salon stylest. Do you know what you want to be when your older? If so, why don’t you use this one because it would be more interesting and its stuff you actually need to know eventually. It would be a lot easier to write about this career. If not maybe take the test on nycareerzone.org because then with your results, you can learn a lot about what it tells you that you should become.

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