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Your Questions About How To Find A New Doctor

Ruth asks…

My Doctor performed a lab test that was not necessary, should I ask my insurance not to pay?

My Doctor performed a lab test that was not necessary, should I ask my insurance not to pay?

New Niche Finder answers:

Are you a doctor? How do you know it was not necessary? If it really was not, report it to your insurance company and the state insurance department. Also file a complaint with his boss.

Donna asks…

What does a doctor need to prescribe medicine and referrals?

What enables a doctor to prescribe medicines and give referrals? Is there some federal organization that allows them to legally do this?
I want to know which agency, organization or code of laws make it so that free people of America have to go crawling to Doctor Daddy (in a money stuffed business suit under a white lab coat) and ask him for permission to get scans and prescribed medication which we all need in times of medical need and/or crisis.
It doesn’t make sense, the federal government passes laws to “limit the number of stupid things people can do to themselves”? Why does the federal government feel that it should have anything to do with the number of stupid things a person can do to themselves?…

In addition, doctors send people for scans all the time and most push as much meds on people as possible anyway. I always thought the main reason for regulation of addictive drugs and antibiotics was the reason for government control.

To answer your question…I don’t want to do drugs, in fact I have a disease that prevents me from being able to take almost any drug of any kind (I am against drugs anyway, just not against peoples ability to choose for themselves in the case of non-addictive drugs and drugs that are not antibiotics), and I never mentioned “radiating myself to thyroid carcinoma” as one of my goals.

I don’t have a arrogant attitude, I’m just awake. You have your head in the sand.

New Niche Finder answers:

Medical licensure is at the state level. Drugs and their prescription are controlled to varying degrees by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.
These laws began to be developed about a century ago, when doctors were typically poor and had no political clout. It isn’t as if they are responsible for the restrictions, which are public health measures to limit the number of stupid things people can do to themselves. If you want to shoot up heroin or radiate yourself into a case of thyroid carcinoma, I couldn’t care less, but we owe it to people who need antibiotics, for instance, to limit their use, so they’ll work when they need to work. That’s a problem even with restrictions.
And with that arrogant attitude of yours, I beg you not to show up in my emergency department. The work’s hard enough without having to overcome your misperceptions.

Daniel asks…

How do you find the best doctor and dermatologist for yourself?

I have never had a regular doctor. I’m 26 and the last check up I had was when I was 11. I need to see a doctor about some serious back pain, and a dermatologist to check out a few spots, but there are so many to choose from. What do I do?

New Niche Finder answers:

It is hard to find a good doctor, one that you like. Most hospitals have a physician referral person. One good way is to look in the physician section in the yellow pages and the best way is referral by friends. You may have to try 2 to 3 to get a doctor you can communicate with. They are listed under physicians and under physician specialties. You can even ask the receptionist questions about that particular doctor and you can make an appointment for a get-acquainted time.

Sharon asks…

How likely is it that a doctor would give me Valium for anxiety before i have 4 teeth extracted?

And would I have to actually see the doctor or could it be done over the phone? Seems a bit like a waste of time for the Doctor for me to go in for this.
Dentist gives no sedatives and no gas and air : only a local anesthetic. I am prone to fainting when i cut myself etc.

New Niche Finder answers:

Yup! I had 4 canines extracted — and I got a TON of Valium – I get very nervous. It’s very likely for a doctor to give you that IF you go to an oral surgeon. I was loopy all day, and I had it dont at 9am and couldn’t remember a thing until 3pm. — you wont remember what happened up until 3pm – My friend said i puked in the car and i had no clue!!! Um, you would have to call the doctor, and you would make an appt. To meet them and get to know them before you do that. I was VERY sick after I got them extracted. I was on a ton of medicene. Good Luck!!! It’s person experience. :)


Betty asks…

When does Medicare require the referring doctor’s name on electronically filed claims?

I’ve run into problems when calling referring doctors’ offices for their NPI numbers, which are necessary if the referring doctor‘s name is on the claim. Is the name of the referring doctor ALWAYS necessary on electronically-filed Medicare claims? Some offices don’t even know what one is!

New Niche Finder answers:

The referring doctor must be listed when the services preformed are because of a referral.

Example: A primary doctor referred a patient to 10 Physical Therapy sessions for low back pain. An NPI and Referring Doc name must be listed.

If the same patient goes to the Physical Therapist and requests treatment himself because his back hurts, no NPI is needed.

Effective January 1, 1992, a physician or supplier that bills Medicare for a service or item must show the name and UPIN (or NPI) of the ordering/referring physician on the claim form, if that service or item was the result of an order or referral from a physician. If the ordering physician is also the performing physician, the physician must enter his/her name and assigned UPIN as the ordering physician. If the ordering/referring physician is not assigned a UPIN, the biller may use a surrogate UPIN, e.g., until an application for a UPIN is processed and a UPIN assigned. (See §14.9.2.)

You can search the NPI directory and get the numbers yourself (most of the time) on this site: https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov/NPPES/NPIRegistryHome.do

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