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Your Questions About How To Find A New Doctor

David asks…

Can a doctor include my social security number in form faxed to another doctor or insurance company?

I noticed that my doctor includes my SS number when he sends out referrals to other doctors or bills/claims to my insurance company. Is that legal?

New Niche Finder answers:

It’s legal but not a good idea to have your SS# exposed like that. Technically the doctor does not need your SS#. I suggest you ask that the doctor stop faxing it around.

Some insurance companies use your SS# in their claims processing. So you may have trouble getting around that.

Donna asks…

Will a doctor give me a tool or something else to stretch my hymen?

Will the doctor give me a tool to take home or manual exersizes to stretch my hymen/vulva?

New Niche Finder answers:

I do believe that this type of procedure is done in the ob gyn office. I have heard of ppl going and having this done. A friend of mine said she had to have it done because it was to painful for her to allow it to happen on its own during sex.
I dont know how much truth is behind it but have heard it can be done.
I dont know of a tool that would do such a thing.maybe there is and i just dont know about it. Call your doctor and make an appt. When you see him be open and honest with him and tell him what you want done and why. Most doctors in situations like this are very understanding and will find ways to help you with this. Good luck

James asks…

What series of Doctor Who should I start with?

I never heard of Doctor Who till a few months ago, and now I’m interested, but im not sure where to start. I know close to nothing about doctor who except he does time travel or something. So where should i start if i know nothing about the show or the doctor?

New Niche Finder answers:

The series started in 1963, so if you tried to start at the beginning with every episode, that is an awful lot of shows, even skipping those where the video has been lost.

The new show started with Christopher Eccleston starring as the Doctor in 2005. That is a reasonable place to begin, as Russell T. Davies, the executive producer and chief writer, tried to make the series approachable for new viewers.

Or you could just start with the new episodes appearing this year.

Essentially the Doctor is an alien who looks like an Earthling, has superior intelligence, and has a time machine in which he can travel to any time or place in the universe. His race, or at least some of them, are known as Time Lords. Between the end of the old series and the beginning of the new series a Time War occurred and now the Doctor is supposedly the last of his race. When meeting an apparently fatal end, the Doctor regenerates into a new personality and appearance (i.e. Is played by a new actor). The current series is beginning the tales of the Eleventh Doctor.

That’s really all you HAVE to know, for most episodes. Some of the back-references are to previous shows and some are to adventures that have never been shown or written.

Episodes for the new series are available on YouTube. Many stories from the old series are available on DVD. If you find you like the new series, you may like them as well. The new stories are supposedly in the same continuity as the old series and occasionally something in the old series is referenced.

The new series was intended from the beginning to be a continuation of the old series, although for a while not much continuity appeared to avoid confusing new viewers.

The series mostly attempts to put in a minimal explanation when this is important. Since the series has been so very successful with viewers who only began watching with Christopher Eccleston’s portrayal of the Ninth Doctor, that seems a reasonable place to start.

I suggest the following 20 releases from the old series as the most valuable, if you wish to have a small collection:

1. The Beginning (containing the first three broadcast Doctor Who stories and an abridged audio of the fourth story The second story is the first Dalek story. The Daleks evolved into the Doctor’s main foes.)

2. The Dalek Invasion of Earth (A good story, the departure of the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan, and an ending rebroadcast more than once in subsequent shows)

3 The Time Meddler (The first appearance of another Time Lord.)

4. The War Games (A ten-episode story, the last story starring the Second Doctor, and the story which introduces the Time Lord race.)

5. Spearhead from Space (The first story of the Third Doctor, the first story in colour, and the introduction of the Autons who appear again in the first episode of the new series.)

6. The Three Doctors (A tenth anniversary story in which the Third Doctor meets the First and Second Doctors.)

7. The Time Warrior (The Third Doctor takes Sarah Jane Smith as his companion and battles a Sontaran for the first time. Sarah Jane Smith now stars in a Doctor Who spin-off show and the Sontarans are still recurring villains.)

8. Genesis of the Daleks (The Fourth Doctor is brought back in time by the Time Lords to stop the Daleks from ever existing. This is the first story of Davros, a deformed, mad scientist, who created the Daleks and later appears as the rule of at least some of them.)

9. The Hand of Fear (Sarah Jane Smith’s last adventure as a companion.)

10. The Deadly Assassin (The Fourth Doctor on his home planet of Gallifrey.)

11. The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Often listed as the best Fourth Doctor story. The Time Agency of the 51st century is only mentioned here in the old series but becomes important in the new series.)

12. The Invisible Enemy, and K-9 and Company: a Girl’s Best Friend (The Doctor gets his robot dog K-9 in the first story here and the second story is the pilot episode of a hoped-for series featuring Sarah Jane Smith and K-9, Mark3.)

13. City of Death (A very funny story about the Fourth Doctor, set in Paris, written under an alias by Douglas Adams, later author of the “Hitchhiker Guide” radio show and books.)

14. The Five Doctors (A twentieth anniversary special including all five Doctors and the Master with several companions in one adventure.)

15. The Caves of Androzani (The last story of the Fifth Doctor, often considered the best.)

16. Vengeance on Vardos (Possibly the best Sixth Doctor story. The period of the Sixth Doctor is generally considered a low point in the series.)

17. Remembrance of the Daleks (A twenty-fifth anniversary story containing the Seventh Doctor which contains many references and parallels to earlier adventures.)

18. Ghost Light (A surrealistic Seventh Doctor story.)

19. The Curse of Fenric (Another highly praised Seventh Doctor story.)

20. “The Enemy Within” (A television movie giving the only official video appearance of the Eighth Doctor. Not available on DVD because of a rights dispute, but can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fazMQwNppuo .
Usually thought not to be especially good.)

Probably no fan, asked to make a list, would choose exactly the same releases. But I believe that most lists would contain a majority of these releases. I have partly provided stories that are most important for the current series and partly material that I think excellent and tried to include episodes scattered throughout the series.

In the classic series, most stories are 4 episodes long, and most episodes are 25 minutes, but many stories are six episodes or more and a few are less than 4 episodes. In the new series most stores are 1 episode (45 minutes) long but some are 2 episodes long and the specials are one long episode.

The older stories tend to be slower than television stories today and the special effects often show their era. If you don’t like them, that’s fine. Many don’t.

Sandy asks…

How easy or hard is it to get a prescription of Antibuse from your doctor?

Does the doctor make you do rehab first or some other therapy? Or can you just ask for it.
I meant Antabuse.
No no no. I don’t drink alcohol. My friend from school wants to use it to lose weight. I don’t think that is a good idea, but she thinks she can get it easy.

New Niche Finder answers:

It depends upon the doctor and the relationship you have with the doctor. Some doctors will prescribe the medication without rehab if you tell them you have entered AA, or some other support program. Some doctors will insist on you entering a medically supervised program. Some doctors won’t write the scrip at all as they would feel that they are not suitable to do so.

Good luck with your therapy.

Ken asks…

How long does a doctor have to keep medical records?

I need my medical records from a doctor. How long do they have to keep these records available to me?

New Niche Finder answers:

As others mentioned, state requirements vary. For NY State, it’s 7 years for records and 3 years for imaging records. Ask your doctor regardless of the date, some never throw their records out like myself. I still have patient records dating back to the 1970’s in my basement.

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