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Your Questions About How To Find A New Doctor

Linda asks…

Why can my doctor get an appointment with a medical specialist so quickly?

If I phone a doctor to try to schedule an appointment, the secretary usually says the doctor is booked up for the next six to nine months, thank you very much. By that time I’ll either be dead or recovered. However, if my primary care physician makes an appointment with another doctor, it’s usually within a few days. So why can another doctor get an appointment so quickly while the patient attempting to get an appointment is put off indefinitely?

New Niche Finder answers:

A simple case of professional to professional. A medical specialist’s time is very valuable and can’t be wasted seeing a myriad of people who are self-diagnosing hypochondriacs. If the patient is being referred by another doctor, the chances that something is actually wrong with him/her.

Sharon asks…

What is it like being a doctor in the military?

I was just wondering if anyone has ever been a doctor in any of the branches of military. Did you like it? What are its pro’s and cons? I have read the Student Doctor Forums online, and it seems like the general consensus is that military medicine sucks. However, I’m not really sure if this is just a bunch of disgruntled army doctors ranting in one place online, and if the happy military doctors don’t even know about the website. If anyone has any info, please tell me. Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

I can tell you as a military patient that we do not always get the best doctors, but I guess you can say that about any place. All in all I think the military doctors are just like the rest of the military, a sample of society, you just have to deal with the military rules (and no malpractice).

Donna asks…

What does a doctor do to diagnose your vaginal infections?

I am going to the doctors four days from now, I am nervous because my doctor is a guy and it is awkward to tell your guy doctor and worst case scenario is showing it to him. There are female nurses too. What will they tell you to do? Oh and my discharge is thick, it is yellowish-white and looks like cottage cheese. I am a virgin and I’m only thirteen.

New Niche Finder answers:

Hi Reece,

You will most likely have to get a urine check as well as a pap smear to send to the lab. Your doctor will need to check for yeast or other infections. When you have a male doctor, they will have a female nurse enter the room with you. It’s for your protection and his. They will prep you on what to do when you get there. Just remember that he has seen problems like yours many times, so try not to feel so awkward about it. Good luck!

Carol asks…

Which Doctor Who season should I start on?

I have been looking on Amazon to buy Doctor Who Season 1. I heard it was a good show. Then I noticed the main actor changes halfway through, and then I found out it was originally a series from long time ago. Which season of Doctor Who should I start at?

New Niche Finder answers:

I think you should definitely start with series one from 2005. While I have only seen a few original episodes from ‘back in the day’, I have not found them nearly as enjoyable, and the special effects obviously improve in the new ones. Season one is fantastic, and I’m sure that if you enjoy science fiction and fantasy you will love it, as it has a lot of both. Season one also has a lot of backstory by which you can familiarize yourself with the Doctor Who universe!

I hope that helps! 😀

Richard asks…

How old till a doctor does not have to report toyour parents?

How old do you have to be till the doctor does not have to tell your parents what is wrong with you and what you are doing at the doctor‘s office?

New Niche Finder answers:

This gets tricky–it depends on what state you live in, what medical procedures you are seeking, and how you will pay for the office visit.
If your parents have insurance and you use their insurance card to pay for the doctors visit then they will get a “explanation of benefits” letter from the ins. Company and it’s usually pretty detailed about what tests and procedures were done.
Basically, if you just have something to discuss with your doc and your parents aren’t in the room, and no further procedures need to be done, then just state that you want it to remain confidential and they won’t tell your parents.
If it’s about birth control then you can go into any Planned Parenthood and your parents don’t have to know.
Go here, http://www.enotes.com/everyday-law-encyclopedia/treatment-minors and read up on everything.

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