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Your Questions About How To Find A New Doctor

Laura asks…

How do we act in a situation like this? Should my husband and I find a new doctor?

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 5 years. We tried numerous fertility treatments. We decided to try in vitro fertilization. The first time around they planted 6 embryos. I am now pregnant with quads. Right after our doctor informed us of this he says “So, how many are you going to reduce”
At the same time my husband and I said NONE! We both found his comment insensitive but didnt say anything to him. My husband is absolutly fuming.
We are appalled by this statement. Are we over reacting to the situation or should we find a find another doctor?
I wouldnt have cared if he had told us the reduction was always a possibility but he just assumed that we were going to reduce. My husband and I had that conversation before starting in vitro and we both agreed that there will be no reduction.

New Niche Finder answers:

That is extremely rude! However with my babies, I have had excellent ob’s and midwifes. The ob had a horrid bedside personlatiy… But she ended up saving my daughter and my life at birth. I found out later, she was the best in the province. I would look at skill. If his skill is only average I would switch. That is VERY rude.


Maria asks…

How do I find a good doctor and dentist?

I recently moved to another state, and I have to find a new doctor and dentist. I don’t know anybody that can refer me, so how can I find a good doctor or dentist?

New Niche Finder answers:

Go to any body preferably with good practice and waiting patients but in my real opinion nobody is competant enough and it is your luck you get one

David asks…

Choosing a new doctor?

I’ve just moved to a new town (Albuquerque) and need to find new doctor. Just a primary care person, not a specialist. I don’t have kids so I’m only looking for myself. I’ve asked around but the doctors people have recomended aren’t on my insurance plan. Any suggestions on how to go about this other than just picking a random name off the list the insurance company gave me?

New Niche Finder answers:

Take 3 names that are near to where you live: call up their offices. See if the office staff is nice.
Ask the following questions:
Check that they’re taking new patients;
If your sick can you get a same day appt? How long will it take?
Is there another MD in the practice?
What are office hours?
What is the usual wait time is when you have an appt?
How long is person in practice?
What school did they go to? (or you can try looking them up online);
What hospital are they affiliated with? (Do you know if that’s a good hosp? Is it a teaching hosp?)
Do they have an emergency service for off hours?
What are office hours?

See if you like the answers.
Good luck.

Michael asks…

How should I go about finding a new doctor?

My primary physician has gotten slack. His practice is too big, and communication with him outside of office visits has to go through a maze of voicemail, even when I have had to go to the emergency room.

After 20 years with the same doctor, it’s time for a change.

New Niche Finder answers:

Good for you. There are too many folks out there who treat Docs like gods, and take abusive treatment like waiting long past appointed times (that’s why they call us PATIENTs, right?…Yeah, right…), not getting phone calls returned, and having to deal with rude or inept office staff. The heck of it is, sometimes telling the Doc about their office staff does absolutely no good…those same Docs probably do not listen to well to their patients either. Sorry…I digress.

Now, if you have health insurance, be it a HMO or PPO, you’ll need to choose your primary care provider from a providers list, which the company will send to you upon request, or look on the company’s website, which most HMOs/PPOs have nowdays.

Most companies have lots of choices. How do you choose a good one? Well, when I had the same problem, I asked my co-workers, friends and family who they go to, and if:

1. They like their Doc,
2. They like dealing with the office staff,
3. Get phone calls returned in a reasonable timeframe,
4. Ever waited too long to be seen, and if so, did the office staff let folks who were waiting know what’s going on?

I’m sure there are questions that are important to you that you’ll want to ask. When you narrow down your list, let your HMO/PPO know who you want to see first. Now, your evaluation of that Doc is going to start. Call the office for an appointment, and see how long you have to wait to be seen. If they can’t get you in within two days, in my opinion, it’s bad news. At this point I would probably go down the list and choose number two on the list. When you do get an appointment, rate the office staff. Were they rude? Pleasant? Treated you like you were ‘bothering’ them? Write down your critiques…that goes for the Doc too. Did he/she make you wait more than 10 mins after you were called back? Did the Doc have the bedside manner of a rabid camel? Did he/she smell and/or look dirty or disheveled? Did he/she listen to you and ask good questions, or was it ‘uh huh…uh huh.’

I treat that first appointment like a job interview in reverse…THEY have to EARN your business. I don’t know about you, but I expect a lot for my money…don’t settle for less than you need from your doc. Go down the line until you find the one who you can live with. Hopefully you’ll find one that you’ll be very happy with.

Best of luck to you!

John asks…

How does this work (new country, new doctor)?

What happens if my fiance and I get my fiance visa issued before my baby is born, do I have to stay up here and give birth? or do I go down to the states and have the baby?

I’m not due for a long time and my visa will most likely be issued before hes here. So what happens? Will I just find a new doctor down there?
yes we can

New Niche Finder answers:

You can come to the US for the birth and find a doctor here. Should not be a problem.

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