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Your Questions About How To Find A New Doctor

Sharon asks…

How common is it for a doctor to hit on his or her patients?

I realize doctors have ethical rules against dating patients, but just how common is it for a doctor to flirt, hit on, and ask out a patient? How common is it for a doctor to date medical staff? Which medical staff tends to date doctors most often (ex, other doctors, RN’s, medical assistants, phlebotomists…). Can the relationship between a doctor and a patient ever work out? If you are a doctor, what is your experience with this and what are the stories you have heard and can share here. Thanks.

New Niche Finder answers:

Harmless flirting is part of life. I routinely do so with nurses, some of whom are my kids’ ages, and nobody takes that seriously. I even joke that my goal in life is to become a dirty old man. Neither is dating strictly prohibited, else doctors in remote areas would have to be celibate. A lot of doctors date nurses, because there’s a large pool, and those who are busy may very well not meet much of anybody else. But Zoltan has a point, and it would be very easy for a doctor to take advantage of a situation, so it would be inappropriate to hit on a patient while in the office, for instance, and I know of few who’ve ever done so.
And yes, living in a rural area, I’ve known a few doctors who first met their wives in a different role, but their dates were generated from social meetings later, not in the office setting. That would be plain creepy in addition to having its ethical problems.

Carol asks…

What will new doctor do about scoliosis back pain?

Have scoliosis, My back is hurting bad. Old doctor prescribed quite a few pain medications and darvocets to be the latest and they don’t work. Now i got a new doctor and i was wondering if i tell him what my last doctor prescribed me and that they didn’t work, will he prescribe something else? And what might it be?
Had to change doctors because i lost my medical insurance and now having to go to a regular doctor to treat my pain.

New Niche Finder answers:

Perhaps being forced to change doctors was a blessing in disguise. If you weren’t getting the pain management that you needed, its good to move on.

You were given some fairly weak meds. Many stronger ones are available, by themselves or in combination with others. Your best approach is to always take your meds as prescribed, keep a pain log at least for a little while (what taken, when, how much, pain level before and after, and what activity causes you increased pain), and make a strong effort to communicate with your doctor.

When you’re given a new med, find out how long its supposed to take before the med does its job. Give your med time to work. If its not working and you’ve given it an honest chance, talk to your doctor to let him/her know what’s going on and that you’d like to either adjust your dosage or else try something else.

James asks…

What is everything you have to do to become a doctor?

I am thinking of going to school to become a doctor and I was just wondering how much schooling do you have to take before you can become a doctor? Do you know of any good medical schools to go to in Kansas? And if you are doctor, please tell me if you enjoy you’re job and was it worth it? Also, were you offered employment shortly after completing school? Thanks, for taking to time to answer my questions.

New Niche Finder answers:

To be a doctor you have to get an undergraduate degree, volunteer work, take the MCAT, and finish medical school. Afterwards, you have to do residency for a few years depending on what you want to specialize in.

If you want to do more research on medical school …you should visit your local bookstore.

Good luck!

Lisa asks…

What would happen if a doctor got one of his patients pregnant?

Are doctors allowed to date their patients? What if a doctor was really young, 21 and was treating a girl who was 16 and they ended up falling in love, could they be together? Would the doctor lose his job if the hospital found out? What if he ended up getting her pregnant? What would he have to do then?

New Niche Finder answers:

He would lose his job and his medical license, basically he would no longer be allowed to be a doctor. He could also be fined and prosecuted and serve jail time as well as having to register as a sex offender.

Betty asks…

What will a doctor do if your wrist is crooked?

What will a doctor do if your wrist is crooked and the other one isnt?

New Niche Finder answers:

Well it depends on why its crooked. Is it from an injury or were you born with it. Also does it cause you any pain or discomfort are haveing issues with mobility or useing the arm because of the curve in wrist. Most likely the doctor would do an xray see how badly it is curved. If its not causeing any damage or harm and not physically impaire you then probally nothing. If its causeing problems and its a bone issue they would probally break the bone set it to proper position plate it back together put you in a cast and follow up with physical therapy.

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