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Your Questions About How To Find A New Doctor

Charles asks…

What does a doctor do when checking out an ingrown toenail?

My mom is (finally!) taking me to the doctor for my ingrwon toenail. I was wondering what the doctors does when you get checked out. Do they just look at the toenail or do they ask you about it? What is you have multiple toenails ingrown?

New Niche Finder answers:

The doctor will look at your toenail then send you to see a chiropodist who will remove the part of the nail that is ingrowing…………….

Joseph asks…

What does it mean when a doctor assign a patient to another doctor?

The doctor I work for (also in love with) was meant to treat a child but he had to assign the child to another doctor in the same ward. I was paranoid in thinking that he was interested in the child’s mother as he was really keen to be around the mother for the past few wks..if he was interested he wouldn’t have assigned them to another doctor in the same ward. Do you think what he did mean they are just like any other patients
these are same level doctors, same ward!

New Niche Finder answers:


Stepping into his shoes for minute…

1) He lacks experience or acknowledges the extra training or medical education of his colleague.
2) His workload is large, and he has done this to prevent being snowed under by more tasks.
3)They made a deal in the past, and now your dream doctor owes his friend a patient.

Hope this helps!

Donald asks…

Is it legal for a doctor to pay a lead generation company for patient prospects?

If someone is looking for a doctor or health professional on a website can the website owner charge a compatible specialist in exchange for directing the prospect to that doctor? Is it legal for the doctor to pay for such a prospect?

New Niche Finder answers:

Yes, it is legal. No reason a doctor can’t pay for leads as much as anyone else. They do it all the time!

David asks…

What exactly does shadowing a doctor mean?

I know that you will have to ask around to shadow a doctor but once he lets you, what exactly do you do ? Do you have certain hours that you have to attend the clinic (like volunteering) or something different ?

New Niche Finder answers:

You have to be working in the medical field to shadow a doctor, i very highly doubt that a doctor would let some random person follow him around.. To shadow a doctor means to follow him around to see how he does his job, you can learn about how to be a doctor in school, but nothing beats experience.

Ken asks…

How can I find a good doctor for my daughter’s bowed legs?

How do I go about finding a highly recommended pediatric orthopedist in the NY/NJ area. I have gone to two doctors already and I want to get another opinion. Is there a listing of doctors that have good credentials and a good reputation. I want to find a doctor that communicates well, has great experience and knows of and practices modern treatments.

New Niche Finder answers:

NJ group with a renowned doctor


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