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Your Questions About How To Find A New Doctor

Sandy asks…

How do I find a new doctor?

I just graduated college this spring and have taken a job in a town about three hundred miles from here. I’ve lived in this town my entire life, so this is going to be huge for me. One of the things I’m going to have to do is find a new doctor. I’ve always had separate gynecologist and family doctor while I’ve lived here, but would kind of like to find a family doctor who can do a pelvic exam too. It just seems like less trouble. Do many family doctors do pelvic exams, or should I have separate gynecologist do them like I do now? I don’t have any problems in that area and am not sexually involved (though that could change soon :), but I’m very health conscious and like to watch my health. And if my bf and I start having sex will a family doctor be able to put me on birth control? And one last thing; Is it ok to ask a doctor a few questions over the phone or in person, or should I just pick one and go in for something minor and decide that way if I like him?

Thanks for all your help.

New Niche Finder answers:

Check yellow pages for doctors. And then you can either call or go in and tell his/ her secretary you’re looking for a new doctor and would like to speak to them to see if they would be good for you. They have that happen all the time.
And general physicians are able to give pelvic exams and are able to prescribe birth control.
If all else fails ask your parents how they decided on which doc to use when they chose.
And dont forget this is an important decision dont be afraid to go to lots of people until you get one you like.

Ken asks…

Advice for finding a new doctor I’m comfortable with?

As I am getting up there in age, I find it more and more important to find a doctor with whom I am comfortable. For instance, during my last prostate exam he was very reassuring. He put a hand on each shoulder to calm me. This kind of empathy can only come from the heart and is rare in today’s medical world, but alas he is retired now. How can I prescreen my primary care providers well enough to ensure that I get this level of care again?

New Niche Finder answers:

Ask other people about the care they have received from other doctors in your area and try them out. Thats the only way i know of.

Nancy asks…

Pregnant and moving to a new city… How to find a new doctor?

I’ll try to keep this short. I am 6 weeks pregnant and have my first appt next week with my doctor. The week after that we are moving out of state. What is the best, fastest way to find a new personal doctor? I don’t see how this is the best time to ‘shop around’ but at the same time I don’t want to have to settle for the first doc I see. So confused, always lived in the same small town and never had to deal with any of this. Any advice or suggestions will be welcome!

New Niche Finder answers:

The best resource is word of mouth from friends and family who know the area. If you don’t know anybody in the city you’re moving to, and your current doctor doesn’t have any recommendations, then start looking online! The internet is a great resource for doctors. Just google OBGYN in whatever city you’re moving do and look for online reviews.

You can either schedule an appointment long distance or find a few that sound good and drive to them and check them out once you get to your new city. You’ll only be 8 weeks pregnant when you move, so you have a little bit of time to find a good fit (especially since you’ll have already had your first prenatal appointment). And if you pick a doctor and then don’t like the practice at your first appointment, then find a new one!

Sharon asks…

I just moved how do I find a new Pediatrician for my son?

I just moved from Columbus to Chillicothe Ohio and I am not familiar with the area. Is there a website or something that I can use to find a new doctor for my son. It is important to find a really good one, my son was born 6weeks early and has had some health issues.

New Niche Finder answers:

Go to your Insurance website and they should have a find a physician feature (with ratings too!) or you can ask your old pediatrician for a referral.

If you have any friends in the area with children ask them for a referral as well…

Good luck!!

Jenny asks…

Should i find a new doctor?

I’ll try to make this short.

A few weeks ago i was in the hospital for three days for an allergic reaction to a few insect stings. (First time i’ve had a bad reaction) I was admitted through the E.R. in the early morning hours for dizziness that was not going away even though all the other symptoms had disappeared.A doctor came to see me sometime before lunch and asked me if i had a regular doctor and i said yes dr so and so,Who is in the same medical complex.He said i will let him know you are here,Well he comes back later in the early evening to see how i’m feeling and says i told your doctor you were in the hospital and he said to tell you he hopes you feel better.Is it just me or was that not right? I mean i was literally a two minute walk and a thirty second elevator ride away from his office.Shouldn’t he have came to see me? Help treat me or something?He’s been my primary doctor for about two years.I’m leaning towards finding a new doc.


New Niche Finder answers:

Chip, I don’t know that I would look for a new doctor. It is possible that your family doc was not on call and this other doctor that saw you was.
If you are generally happy with this doctor then I would not look elsewhere. Doctors are human and they need breaks and have their turns for being on call for hospital visits. This doctor that saw you was probably confering with your doc to let him know that he saw you and what you were in for. Really, it was nice of your doc to have the other one tell you that he hopes you feel better soon.

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