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Your Questions About How To Find A New Doctor

John asks…

How would a doctor react to telling them about intrusive thoughts of death?

If you told a doctor that you sometimes have thoughts of say, walking in front of a bus, or killing other people, what do you think they would do? If you were absolutely certain and clear with the doctor that these were only thoughts, and that you would never act on them? Would the doctor acknowledge them just as intrusive thoughts, or would they be worried that you were crazy and put you in hospital?
The doctor thinks you have dysthymia, and knows that you self harm.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

New Niche Finder answers:

The doctor would probably ask the following questions:

1. Have you thought about how you would do it (PLAN)
2. Have you got what you need (MEANS)
3. Have you thought about when you would do it (TIME SET)

They would also probably ask you if you feel safe. If you say no, I don’t feel safe, the doctor would persuade you to check into a hospital for observation and to put you somewhere that you can feel safe, that nothing could harm you or would keep you from harming others.

David asks…

What type of doctor is used when checking for colitis and other health issues?

Will a family doctor check for this or an OBGYN or what? Does a person have the right to decline a Proceedure with a doctor when they do not feel comfortable? Plus can they go to another doctor my qualified for the condition mentioned?

New Niche Finder answers:

The Specialist you need for Colitis is a ‘Gastroenterologist’. He is a bowel Doctor and that is where you get colitis. An OBGYN is an “Obstetrician and Gynacologist’ and that is for Women with female problems and Pregnant women.

James asks…

Can a doctor make medical corrections to previous medical history?

Is it possible for a doctor to make medical corrections? I had a history of asthma, eczema and adhd. I am exetremely sure to the point where i do NOT have any symptoms of the three. So is there a legal and possible way for a doctor(s) to make legal corrections for my long gone physical conditions? Thanks a ton.

New Niche Finder answers:

Yes, the next time you go to see the doctor you can tell him or her that you no longer have these conditions and ask the doctor to make a note of that on your record.

Lizzie asks…

What kind of doctor should a 10 year old see?

My daughter is 10. Her doctor is in a bad area and I want to a doctor somewhere closer to home, and not 30 minutes away. Her doctor now is a pediatrician, which usually sees newborns. My daughter is old 10. What should I ask when I call around for doctors?

New Niche Finder answers:

Most pediatricians see children up through age 18. A Family Practice doctor is a good option, if she is feeling too old for a pediatrician. Also, consider a Nurse Practitioner. We usually have more time for counseling and teaching regarding growth and development at this very crucial time in a gril’s life.

Thomas asks…

What is the kind of doctor/surgeon that helps wounded soldiers? Is there even a specific name?

Does this kind of doctor travel abroad to help their country’s soldiers? Is the education for this type of doctor harder than a, lets say, family practice doctor or a general surgeon who works in a regular hospital in the United States? Thanks in advance.

New Niche Finder answers:

You’re a field surgeon. Once you’re a doctor, if you apply to the military the chances are you will get hired, depending on how well you did.

I think that applying to the military would definitely incur some combat training or other training in the field that you wouldn’t have been taught in medschool. But, as a doctor, its not difficult to be trained, which you will be by the military, in the art of field medicine.

Not much different, you will be taught to live and work in strained conditions I would think.

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