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Your Questions About How To Find A New Doctor

Donald asks…

Can a doctor start a medical practice with someone who is not a doctor?

Can a non doctor be an owner of a medical practice with a doctor? Is there an ethical issue here? Are there any applicable Medical Board policies that regulate this?
I am wondering generally about in the US, and even more specifically about California.

But, if you know what it is like in other parts of the world as well, it would be great to know how things are done there too.


New Niche Finder answers:

Sure. Some doctors will open a practice an have a receptionist, a staff nurse or nursing assistant who can practice within the scope of their practice as defined by state law, or even a nurse practitioner who can see patients or a physician’s assistant. No ethical issues as long as everyone stays within the scope of practice for their profession.

Linda asks…

How do doctor and nurse carry out their job without infected by disease?

Since clinical doctor and nurse has to deal with many patients everyday, how do they do to avoid infected by the disease of the patients?

New Niche Finder answers:

Doctors and nurses are also vaccinated on a regular basis.

Mary asks…

What are the duties of a doctor when a lady go for abortion?

A devout doctor insists it violates his religious dictates to accommodate anyone out side marrige. and he refuses to make a referral, clamimg that would make him complicit. what is your opinion?
you will be the doctors’ side or patient?

New Niche Finder answers:

Most OB GYNs agree that it is okay for a doctor to refuse to perform abortions. However, the vast majority of OB GYNs also agree that when a doctor refuses to do a procedure due to their religious or personal values, they have a responsibility to refer the patient to a doctor who will do the procedure. This behavior would be considered unacceptable by the doctor’s peers.

Sharon asks…

What type of doctor should I seek for premature ejaculation?

What type of doctor should I seek for premature ejaculation?
I actually prefer to go directly to a specialist and not the family doctor. I just don’t know type of doctor to look for.

New Niche Finder answers:

Go see your general health provider. Depending on the problem, they may recommend you to a specialist, but your normal doctor would know best, depending on what they found on your physical exam and your description of the problem. Hope this helps.

Edit: If you’re wanting to go to a specialist first, a urologist would be your best bet, but check with the individual doctor, because some urologists will only take new patients if they’ve been recommended from another doctor.

Sandy asks…

Where should I start when watching Doctor Who?

Doctor Who has been recommended to me by many people. It’s a huge series though; where do I begin?

New Niche Finder answers:

It really depends on what kind of stories you like. Eccleston’s Doctor was a great season (and I’ve always been disappointed he didn’t continue for at least one more season).

I love the whole development of the series, so I always begin with the earliest stories– 1963, William Harnett’s Doctor. This first season is middling through the first story until the introduction of the late great Terry Nation’s Daleks. (The daleks are even more interesting when you realize how deeply Nation’s WWII experience and anti-facism is woven into his writing.) Ok, the first part (1963-1987) of the Doctor stories are cheaply made with bad, but always entertaining special effects; however, much of the writing is amazing. My SIL doesn’t like the early Doctors, but loves the new series. I haven’t gotten past the first Tennent season yet. DVDs are available for either set.

In the US, most people were introduced to Tom Baker’s Doctor during the late 70s. I’d say either start with Baker’s run as the Doctor or the Eccleston season, both are good starting points. (Although my favorite Who season is still Jon Pertwee’s first. Great writing and a cast really enjoying themselves.)

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