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Your Questions About How To Find A New Doctor

Thomas asks…

What is the best kind of doctor to become based on salary and malpractice insurance?

I would like to be a doctor but many people say that it is better not to be one because of the high insurance rates! What kind of doctor still has a large salary but does not have to pay as large of insurance.

New Niche Finder answers:

You are somewhat guilty of the widespread belief that doctors become doctors to become rich. Doctors become doctors because they have a passion for treating illness in patients in need, in some cases directly saving a person’s life. In fact, some doctors love their career so much that they are willing to work practically for free. It takes THAT kind of motivation to pursue such a career in medicine. For good doctors, high salaries do NOT serve as an INCENTIVE, but as means of paying off their debt. High salaries serve as incentives for either BAD DOCTORS or people who WISH they were doctors. To answer your question, financially, doctors are NOT rich. Their salaries are DECREASING, their medical malpractice premiums are INCREASING, and ten years from now, you’re gonna wish you didn’t do it. The decades of training you will undergo are only worth it if you love your job. Even with six-figured salaries, you will not be able to enjoy that sum until AFTER you pay off your debts, which often takes decades. Let’s take a classic example of a “rich” doctor–A NEUROSURGEON IN NEW YORK CITY. Suppose we have a neurosurgeon who went to Princeton University for undergrad ($45,000 per year for four years) and Columbia University for medical school ($70,000 per year for four years). That is a debt of $460,000. Residency will take seven years, with an average salary of about $50,000, but living in New York City, the cost of living will probably be around $35,000, leaving only $15,000 per year to pay off the debt. After interest, this money will probably leave about $400,000 left after seven years. Big difference. After the seven years are over, a neurosurgeon in New York City has an average gross income of $425,000. After federal income taxes, New York state income taxes, as well as New York City income taxes, believe it or not, you’re left with about $220,000 (yes, you barely get to keep half). Say you now have a family with two children, and your wife is a stay-at-home mom. Living in New York City, even just living in a modest 2-bedroom apartment and both of your kids going to public school, your cost of living is EASILY about $150,000 per year for a family of four, which brings you down to $70,000 a year to pay off your debt of $400,000. Oh man, that $400,000 debt is like buying a second house. So here’s the big picture. Even the richest doctors out there have financial burdens to take care of. Now imagine a family doc in New York city with a salary of only $150,000. Damn, they can barely afford to live in NYC.

Lizzie asks…

What type of doctor travels to their patients to give treatment?

Please tell me what type of doctor travels to their patients. (either visiting them at their home, the school, anywhere? Please give a specific answer.

New Niche Finder answers:

Any type of a doctor can visit their patients outside of their office or the hospital. They are self-employed and can choose to do what they want. It is rarely done however, as it is not cost effective. My ex-husband is a urologist and for several months one of his favorite patients was at home on home health in a coma dying from prostate cancer. Twice a week on our way home we stopped by and he would check the patient’s vitals, his chart, speak to the nurse and to his patient. Then we would go downstairs and spend a little time with his sweet wife of 55 years. This went on until the patient died. My ex-husband didn’t charge anyone for this, it wasn’t medically necessary and that isn’t why he did it.

Mary asks…

How to compensate a doctor for endorsing a product?

We are a herbal supplement company. We have a doctor who agreed to endorse the product. We agreed to pay a % of sales revenue. We believe we will make about 20 – 30K in sales during the first month. Can anyone tell us what % may be appropriate for the doctor? We will use his photo and bio data online for e-commerce sales alone.

New Niche Finder answers:

Paying a doctor for an endorsement could work against you. Please read the information from the FTC regarding ‘Testimonials” or “Expert Advice” in advertising.

According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) a doctor’s (or any expert’s) willingness to endorse a product may not be sufficient – the claims must be backed up by material evidence. As well, if you are paying the doctor a commission he would be considered an employee and you must disclose in your advertisement that he is receiving payment for his endorsement.

Are there any rules on how endorsements may be used in ads?

To give an expert endorsement, a person must have sufficient qualifications to be considered an expert in the field. But just being an expert isn’t enough. Expert endorsements must be supported by an actual evaluation, examination, or testing of the product that other experts in the field normally would conduct to support the conclusions in the endorsement.

Advertisers also must disclose any material connection between a person endorsing a product and the company selling the product. A “material connection” is defined as a relationship that might affect the weight or credibility of the endorsement. For example, if an endorser is an employee or relative of the advertiser, that fact must be disclosed because it is relevant to how much weight a consumer would give to the endorsement. Similarly, an advertiser must disclose if a consumer has been paid for giving an endorsement.

Mandy asks…

What type of doctor travels to their patients to give treatment?

Please tell me what type of doctor travels to their patients. (either visiting them at their home, the school, anywhere? Please give a specific answer.

New Niche Finder answers:

Home care physicians. They can act as your primary doctor or they can provide consults to your primary doctor in the event that you are unable to visit him/her.

Lisa asks…

How do you nominate your doctor for an award?

Have a wonderful doctor and really think they need to be recognized. Is there any organization or award that does this, and if so, how do I go about it?

New Niche Finder answers:

You live in Wisconsin, right? You have 3 options:

– Write to:

Wisconsin Medical Society
330 E. Lakeside Street
PO Box 1109
Madison, WI 53701-1109
Main Phone: 866.442.3800 (toll-free)
Main Fax: 608.442.3802

– Or go to their website and write a letter (form fashion) for Doctor of the Year at: http://www.wisconsinmedicalsociety.org/for_patients/physician_of_the_year

– Or email them at: communications@wismed.org

If it were me, I would do the first two. This way, the letter will be placed in the doctor’s permanent file and he/she will get a copy of it, and perhaps an award. At least an acknowledgement of their good works. The Wisconsin Medical Society is the governing body for doctors in your state, and you can’t go higher than that.

You will have the satisfaction of doing a good deed (so many people complain and forget to acknowledge the good things).

You have a big heart – go to it!

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