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Your Questions About How To Find A New Girlfriend

Lizzie asks…

How do I ask a girl to be my girlfriend?

I have been wanting to ask this girl to be my girlfriend but I wanted to do it in an unique and cute way that she will always remember. We are both 18 and have been talking for a few months and I want to take it to the next level. Are there any ideas of how I could ask this girl to be my girlfriend?

New Niche Finder answers:

Get her a pretty locket or a cute stuffed animal with a little note inside that says “Will you be my girlfriend… Circle yes or no.” It will make her laugh, and it’s cute :)

John asks…

Whats the difference between girlfriend and sweetheart?

What’s the difference between sweetheart or girlfriend? This boy’s mother said “He is allowed to have girlfriends but no sweethearts” This is in the Philippines by the way. The boy is 13 (he’s going to turn 14 in september) Nancy is 20 (Nancy is his friend- rumors are that they are lovers) I’m 14 and this boy dumped me. Rumors say he dumped me for Nancy.

New Niche Finder answers:

Girlfriend is a girl who is a friend
sweetheart is gender free

Laura asks…

How do I get my girlfriend to the movies?

I have a girlfriend that I want to take to the movies. I’m not old enough to drive and I live in the country so no taxi no bus. how can I get her there and if I have to get a parent to drive me how do I do that? My parents don’t know I have one. So what should my transportation be and how do I tell my parents that I have a girlfriend I want to take to the movies?

New Niche Finder answers:

Just ask your parent if they can pick your ‘friend’ up to go to the movies, they won’t know she’s your girlfriend. And if you stay with her then you should feel comfortable telling your parents you have a girlfriend :)

Donna asks…

How can I help my problem with other guys around my girlfriend?

Whenever I see my girlfriend talking to a guy or whenever she talks about guys I get this feeling of jealousy and I get upset. If there’s a problem I have please let me know how I can help it and make me and my girlfriend‘s relationship better and back on track. Please help.

New Niche Finder answers:

It is great that you recognize your problem as many many men don’t. I would start by making sure that you are happy with yourself. Involve yourself in hobbies and sports and a good job or school. If you feel good about yourself then you likely will be more apt to trust a girl. I imagine you are jealous because you think the other guy has more to offer. If you continue to act jealous you may loose your girlfriend to someone else. It is normal I think to feel a little jealousy but to let it get out of hand is not good. If you need to change with assistance then do that. There are lots of good councellors that can help you change with support. If the first councellor doesn’t help then try anoother one. Just remember that jealousy will hurt her and you. It has no benefet at all to a relationship. For a good relationship to survive I think you need respect honesty and confidence and good communication. Good luck and the fact that you recognize your problem is a great sign that you will change. Take care I should ad that if you think your girlfriend would fool around or is fooling around then of course you have a problem and she needs to change. I would be alert and aware of her actions but it would be wrong to acuse her of fooling around if she isn’t.

Ruth asks…

What are some good comebacks to people insulting my girlfriend?

These people keep insulting my girlfriend saying she looks like a man when she doesn’t, I’ve started to become very angry and threats aren’t helping. Physically I can’t do anything, I’m extremely weak, I just need something to say back.
I’ve told them to knock it off and I told one I’d make his life a lot worse if he continued. Again I have only threatened. It’s became a issue because I don’t want my girlfriend feeling bad (one of the kids is in her class). These kids are also about a foot taller and close to 100 lbs heavier.

New Niche Finder answers:

Just man up and tell them to stop being jealous and quit the insults. Let them know that whatever they say wont affect a single bit of your relationship and that your girlfriend is very beautiful in your eyes, and thats the only thing that matters. :) There’s a Chinese saying, “吃不到葡萄,说葡萄酸”, which, in this situation, means that these people who can’t get your girlfriend are jealous and thus insult your girlfriend to comfort themselves. It’d be a great comeback if you could say this Chinese saying. :) anyways, good luck with telling them off!

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