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Your Questions About How To Find A New Girlfriend

James asks…

What benefits do the Marines offer to children and girlfriend?

Girlfriend might be prego so I was wondering what benifits the two would get if any? I’m enlisted but In the delayed entry program since I’m a senior. But will they get anything once I go active?

New Niche Finder answers:

Girlfriends do not exist in the eyes of the military so she would get nothing. The child can be eligible but the military will require to sign over full custody if it is born before you leave and a DNA/paternity test done at an approved lab to have it listed as your dependent. The child would then get an ID card, Tricare medical coverage and use of some base facilities. You will reside in barracks as you are single and if you are offered to pay child support then you will get BAH-diff around $200 a month

Nancy asks…

How to get my girlfriend citizenship?

My girlfriend just turned twenty and we are planning on moving out in a few months it is very important for me to find out how to get her citizenship. She came here on a Delta flight when she was five she has a social and her birth certificate translated to English. I don’t know very much about all this but from what her mother states they were supposed to fill out some paperwork when she was 18 and never did it. Does anyone know what steps I can take to make this happen or point me into the right direction? She also has a 4 year old son that was born here and we reside in Georgia. Thanks for your response.

New Niche Finder answers:

One of the primary requirements in order to be eligible for naturalization is that the applicant — your girlfriend — has lived for at least the previous 5 years as a lawful permanent resident (LPR), a.k.a. A Green Card holder, in the United States. The date your girlfriend became a resident is in front of her Green Card where it reads: RESIDENT SINCE xx/xx/xxxx.

If your girlfriend isn’t even a resident yet, your question is equal to asking what professional ballet company she should join, when she so far has not even had a single dance lesson.

So figure out if your girlfriend is a resident, and if so, also find out if one of her parents naturalized before she turned 18, and we’ll take step 2 on the path to citizenship.

William asks…

How to help my girlfriend immigrate to canada?

Hello, i’m a Canadian and my girlfriend is studying in Indonesia for medical records. Eventually we will want to live together in Canada. But we are not sure the best way to go about with this. we want to get married after we can settle down in Canada and if my girlfriend needs further schooling to meet the Canadian standards she will possibly go to school in Canada also. I plan on completely supporting her throughout this journey but we are uneducated in the process and the best route to make our dream possible with the strict immigration process.

New Niche Finder answers:

You don’t have to get married to sponsor you “girlfriend, partner, lover” or wife to come to Canada.

But – hold your horses – this is NOT A SIMPLE process.

Immigration Canada is EXTREMELY sensitive about “sham” relationships, marriages of convenience and any other ply to get sponsored.

First of all, if your relationship is less than two years old, your application may not be considered at all.

You must earn a minimum of $ 24,000 per year for starters.

The process is really very straight forward. You answer ALL the questions honestly, submit photo albums, guest lists for parties you were at as a couple, receipts from holidays together, just about anything you can think of to PROVE that you really are a couple.

Start here, and don’t scrimp on the information you hand over. The Immigration Canada people have very little patience and will not play detectives to find out about you. But – they are VERY good at confirming what you say.


You really don’t need any agent, lawyer of consultant for this process, just read the questions. The visa will take from 9 months to 18 months to be processed.

If you split up within the first two years after she arrived in Canada, your girlfriend goes back – no more questions asked.

Sorry for sounding so bombastic, but I have seen some…

Robert asks…

How do i tell my parents i have a girlfriend?

I recently just got my first girlfriend and i want to tell my parents. How should i approach my parents, and what should i say?

New Niche Finder answers:

YOU:Hey Mom, Dad, when can I get a girlfriend? Or Would you ever be mad if I decided to have a gf?
THEM: Why are you asking?
YOU: Well, I sorta have one.
THEM: Awwww!

Lizzie asks…

What do I do if my girlfriend burns herself?

My girlfriend deals with alot of stress and she just started deciding to use her curling iron to burn herself. I Hate it and I want her to stop. Please help!

New Niche Finder answers:

I know it’s alarming, but dont just tell her to stop, or take away her curling iron or threaten to tell her family. None of these things work, ever. Understand more about why people injure themselves here –


Your girlfriend needs help to deal with the stress in healthy ways, so encourage her to find a really good therapist and get help for herself, and to look at these sites, which offer alternatives ways of dealing with stress –


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