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Your Questions About How To Find A New Girlfriend

Sandra asks…

What should i get my girlfriend for her birthday?

I want to get my girlfriend something thats heartfelt, something she knows is from the heart but at the same time somthing a little corny that she will love, what should i get her?

New Niche Finder answers:

My Girlfriend loves flowers so I get her those all the time.

The first gift I ever got her was for her birthday. I got her a ginger bread house and we built it together.

For Christmas I got her a heart-shaped necklace and she has worn it every day for a year.

Hope that helps.

Nancy asks…

What are the chances of my girlfriend becoming pregnant?

When me and my girlfriend were together last night, i accidentally finished inside her, and none of us were wearing contraception. Honestly speaking, what are the chances of her becoming pregnant? She had her last period last week.

New Niche Finder answers:

The chances are that your girlfriend is not pregnant as you had sex before she ovulated. That being said, you can never totally trust the rhythm method as girls do ovulate early sometimes. Now, you said you “accidentally” came inside of her. Let’s be real, you had every intention of finishing inside of her for your own sexual pleasure. If you do not want to wear contraception and you want to ejaculate inside of her you better be prepared to become a parent real soon. The sexual decisions you are making not only effect you, but your girlfriend and the baby you are inevitably going to make. The government will hold you financially responsible until the child born to both of you is out of college.

Thomas asks…

What is a cute way to flirt with my girlfriend?

I have been dating my girlfriend for seven months now… and I want to find new ways to flirt with her and make her smile/laugh. Any suggestions?

New Niche Finder answers:


You could say (lets say your girlfriends name is Megan)

say: “baby, i met this girl, her name is megan, (then u wink at her) i really like her! I met her about 7months ago, she told me you 2 were BESTFRIENDS! And that u know everything about her.. Can you tell her that i like her for me? Im to nervous to tell her… Because she’s so beautiful!”

then u lean over and kiss her on the cheek

Maria asks…

How do I know if my girlfriend actually loves me?

How do you know if your girlfriend actually loves you? My girlfriend seems to always be moody towards me, she says she loves me but it feels like she doesn’t, although she’s also going through some stuff right now butane just kinda ignores me. So how do I know whether she actually loves me?

New Niche Finder answers:

I get moody over lots of things that are going on, and sometimes I just want the man I love to make a fuss of me and make me feel better. I am not good at saying how I feel, so he doesn’t understand this, which is why I get a bit grumpy and off with him.
Maybe your girlfriend is the same. She just wants you to make a fuss of her and take her mind off all the bad stuff going on. But she may not be good at saying so.
Other than that, the only real way to tell if someone really loves and cares for you is either a) ask them or b) ask yourself – does this person make you happy more often than they make you sad. If they mostly make you happy then chill out, she loves you.

Daniel asks…

How to take the cutest winter picture of me and my girlfriend?

I’m planning ahead on taking a picture of me and my girlfriend in the snow. I wanna know how to make it look THE BEST to take. Also, what can me and my girlfriend do, like pose/snuggle ect.
Please help!

New Niche Finder answers:

Like these:




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