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Your Questions About How To Find A New Girlfriend

Sandy asks…

What would you do if a friend/family member seduced your boyfriend/girlfriend to prove a point?

They wanted to prove that your boyfriend/girlfriend is promiscuous and would cheat on you.

New Niche Finder answers:

If a family member/friend of mine slept with my girlfriend hell would be brought opon the earth. After screeming my lungs out and callling every one about every vulgur word in the world i would explain to the person that they crossed a line and it was not there place to try to prove such a thing. And for my girlfriend since it was more of a seduction i would tell her if she cheats on me agian i will brake up with her.

Richard asks…

How to break up with my pregnant girlfriend?

My girlfriend is 2 weeks pregnant. I don’t want to be a father. She isn’t willing to give up or abort the baby, so I’m not willing to be with her. How do I break up with her?

New Niche Finder answers:

OK, so everyone else hates you. But you have a choice the same as your girlfriend has, you must talk about his, even though you already have. Many women have to rear their kids on their own because the father will not man up. You are that cowardly man, sorry, but there it is. Kids without dads do not do as well. Like it or not, you have made a family. You fucked her and now it is time to decide if you are an honourable man or a shite.

Donald asks…

What’s the difference between having a girlfriend and a female friend with benefits?

Females you are very beautiful and you are very smart.

I was wondering: if the difference between a female friend and a girlfriend is sex, then what’s the difference between a female friend with benefits and a girlfriend?

I’m male.
I don’t have neither, just to clarify.

New Niche Finder answers:

Girlfriend – A girl you are in a COMMITTED relationship with. This girl you should like or love obviously. This girl will get jealous if she see’s you with other girls or hears about you hanging with other girls etc, and will probably dump your @$$ if you do anything ( hook up/sex ) with another girl. This is because YOUR IN A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP, YOUR A PAIR! That is all :3

FWB – someone you muck around with, for whatever reason.. If its just fun, pleasure, rebounding ( using a person to get over an ex ) etc. This person can be a friend or even best friend. Nothing usually comes out of this, sometimes it happens once.. A few days ago mate of mine confessed he had never kissed a girl and my bestie Georgia was there too, she kissed him. She even said herself its just a kiss and its just for fun, but I know that they have done more than that now, I know they are FWB’s.

Also, a FWB is just for a stage I guess, it can happen once or a few times but should never exceed over a long period. The people you do these things with are in it for fun, if they would want anything serious they would probably ask you out or something. So really the only difference is the time and commitment.

Time : How long your with the person/doing stuff with the person

Commitment: Obvious really, a girlfriend your not really gonna cheat on unless your a complete idiot and a tool.. And a FWB is just for having fun while your NOT in a relationship, and if you start to date someone.. They shouldn’t care, it was just a little stage.

Lizzie asks…

How do I get my cousin to quit being mean to my girlfriend?

My little cousin is pretty mean to my girlfriend and I have no idea why. My girlfriend never did anything mean to her. So how do I get her to stop without hurting her feelings that much? She’s only six so I don’t want to be too harsh.

New Niche Finder answers:

Well, try spending some time with her try talking to her and be as nice as possible. When I was six I disliked all of my brothers girlfriends but I’m older now. Maybe if you three spend some time together that might help! Hope I helped!

James asks…

How do i go out with my girlfriend without my parents knowing?

I want to go out with my girlfriend to a movie or something without my parents finding out I’m 13 and it feels a little embarassing. I had my first girlfriend when I was 8 and my parents didn’t find out. What should I do?

New Niche Finder answers:

You should never do anything behind your parent’s back because they always have a way of finding out things about what their kids are doing. And then you will have to suffer the consequences. You are only 13. What’s the big rush about you wanting to have a girlfriend? You should be thinking about your education and having fun with your friends. Let a few years go by before you start dating. Enjoy your freedom.

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