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Your Questions About How To Find A New Girlfriend

Linda asks…

How do you deal with a guy that hits on your girlfriend?

He flirts with my girlfriend constantly and asks about our sexual relationship. I’m so annoyed by it, it makes me very angry. My girlfriend doesn’t say anything about it to him, but I think it’s justifiable to say that she needs to tell him to knock it off.

New Niche Finder answers:

Honestly I would talk to him and say hey dude back off my girlfriend and then if he kept doing it I would ask my girlfriend if she was uncomfortable then I would punch him in the face

George asks…

How can i make it less akward for me and my girlfriend?

Hey, im 14 and my girlfriend is 14… We have been girlfriend boyfriend for about 2 weeks and we cant manage to talk to eachother during school. I guess were both just too shy, how could i get rid of this so we can flirt and talk all day…. Any ideas?

New Niche Finder answers:

Dude, sounds like you need to train your girlfriend!

I know that sounds a bit sexist but what I mean by it is that you need to help her see you in an attractive way. To keep that spark going. Most guys get comfortable in a relationship and turn into a wuss and thinking you’re making her happy by saying yes to everything and asking her all the time where she wants to go for dinner and being overly complaisant.

Women are attracted to MEN. They like innitiative and like to be led. For example don’t say Would you like to go to the movies?, say… I’m going to go watch a movie, you want to come?. So you’re communicating I’m going whether you come or not. Here’s another example, don’t say where do you want to go for dinner?, instead say I feel like chinese tonight, let’s go grab a bite to eat. I’m not saying force her into eating only where you like, if she doesn’t like chinese she’ll say something about it and you can offer another option, but the important thing is that you showed innitiative.

Here’s where I learned this kind of stuff…

God bless!

Michael asks…

What should I get my girlfriend for Christmas?

I don’t really know what to get my girlfriend for Christmas. We have been together for approaching two months. How much should I spend? Is jewelry good idea (not super expensive but nice)? Any help would be appreciated!

New Niche Finder answers:

Try some unique vintage jewelry from a website like embellishgirl.com . My girlfriend likes to have those one of a kind pieces to make all her friends jealous! Good Luck!

Joseph asks…

How do I know when to kiss my girlfriend?

Ok, so me and my girlfriend have been going out for about 6 weeks now, and I still haven’t kissed her yet.. I jus don’t know when the right moment is, can anyone help me?

New Niche Finder answers:

You should kiss your girlfriend when you two have a moment. For example when gazing into eachothers eyes, talking up and close and so and so. Just go for it man. Have confidence. Don’t think too much!

Sharon asks…

How can I help my girlfriend with her PMS?

My girlfriend is have a major PMS cramps and emotional break downs. How can I help her feel better?

New Niche Finder answers:

Do whatever she wants, my friend. Do whatever she wants. I’m actually the horrible PMS girlfriend because I don’t want to do anything but sit around by myself with Midol and veg (in my defense, I say it’s because I usually want to be the sweet, friendly, cheerful person and when I’m cramping I just can’t be that person!) and boyfriend just has to get lost. Don’t take anything persona.

Draw her a hot bath. It’s a sweet gesture, and the heat helps with cramps. Buy her flowers/stuffed animal. If she’s being emotional, she’ll need your support. Or you to be gone, in my case.

Anther thing you can do is just to relax and not worry too much. Having a boyfriend around who is too worried can be pretty annoying when you’re PMSing.

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