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Your Questions About How To Find A New Girlfriend

Jenny asks…

What is a good,inexpensive gift for a girlfriend except for jewelry?

I need a good idea for a Christmas gift except for jewelry. Every guy gets his girlfriend or wife jewelry so i wanna get her something nice but something else. Any ideas?

New Niche Finder answers:

I think most girl like jewelry ,you can buy a cheap chanel jewelry from :http://www.buy-chanel-handbags.com/ and http://www.buybestchanel.com/ my friend and i often buy chanel jewelry in these store ,the price is very cheap ,i think your girlfriend must like it !

Carol asks…

What else can I do to help my girlfriend?

Me and my girlfriend hae been having sex for a while. She gets close to cumming but never does. I’ve tried oral. What else can I do? Any tips?

New Niche Finder answers:

You should talk to her and ask her if there’s anything she’d like you to try or ask her what really feels good. You could also try different things when giving oral or having sex like different positions or something (if you guys are both comfortable with it). Maybe she’s just one of those girls that takes longer in sex to cum, it doesn’t mean that she just doesn’t cum but needs a bit longer to do so. But yeah, just ask her :)

Good luck to you and your girlfriend :)

Mandy asks…

How do you start holding hands with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Lets say you’re walking with your boyfriend/girlfriend. how do you start holding hands? stupid question, i know.

New Niche Finder answers:

Here is a step by step…

1. Make sure you are in close proximity. You don’t want to pull a muscle trying to reach someone’s hand.

2. Gently grasp their hand in your own.

3. Intertwine fingers. This can be particularly tricky :)

There you have it, you are now holding hands!!!!

Now if your boy/girlfriend has their hands in their pockets, this can be a bit more difficult.

Susan asks…

Would not seeing my girlfriend cause any problems? How often do you guys see your girlfriends?

Ok so how often do you guys see your girlfriend? I don’t see her often and its not like she lives far away shes just always busy. I see her once like her every two weeks and maybe I would see her in a week sometimes. I don’t know if not seeing my girlfriend would cause a problem, or it would depend if shes ok with not seeing me as often.

New Niche Finder answers:

Well for me since its the summer I probably wont see my girlfriend until the end of august… I mean at least your still seeing her… If it really concerns you I guess calls in between telling how much you love her and want to be with her should give you more security… Just keep communications open, don’t do it like everyday though, but do it on a constant basis.

Robert asks…

How do I get my girlfriend to make love more?

I want to know, how do I get my girlfriend to make love more? She is always so busy and not in the mood as much as me?

New Niche Finder answers:

You have to know what to do that puts her in the mood. Guys just think of sex all the time but women aren’t like that. I know a lot of women like it if a guy rubs their back and if it slowly turns into them rubbing their stomach and then higher up :) it will turn them on. You just need to figure out what stimulates yours girlfriend. And I would also advise going slow which women enjoy more, dont just jump into sex.

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