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Your Questions About How To Find A New Girlfriend

Lizzie asks…

How to find a new girlfriend with very little amount of free time and chance for a social life?

I work full-time and am also beginning grad school part-time. I really don’t have as much time to get out as I would like and so I don’t have much chance to meet new girls. What can I do about that?
I’m taking my classes online at theUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater, so I don’t get to the campus hardly ever.

I’m kind of weary about internet dating too. Its really something that I would not feel comfortable doing.

New Niche Finder answers:

Just be patient and concentrate on the tasks at hand. She’ll come along when you least expect it 😉

Chris asks…

How can i find a new Girlfriend? help me?

hi im 15!! and i realy miss having a girlfriend
I have been looking for 2 years now!! i don’t know if it is because i still know the same persons for a while now!! and i would like to know how can i approach women?? And how can i get more confidence?

New Niche Finder answers:

Work on yourself esteem if your not happy and comfortable being with your self how is someone else going to be with you, your only 15 you’ve got plenty of years ahead of you right now everything awkward for you your path will open up and the right girl will come along. Also stop looking the minute you do you’ll have girls interested in you, and to approach them just pretend your speaking to one of your guy friends there still just people treat them as you treat anyone else.

John asks…

Should my new girlfriend find time to be with me on her birthday if she knows I have a nice gift for her?

Should I break up with my new girlfriend if she makes a decision not to be with me on her birthday?
She knows I want to give her a really nice expensive gift but she knows its not not a diamond ring.

She has no set plans yet for her birthday.

Its between
1)Her sister who drinks and my girlfriend doesnt drink.
2)A few girlfriends who also drink.
3)Some platonic friend (a guy) who always has the coolest things to do.

We get along very well. We laugh and have the greatest times together.

Is it wrong if she doesnt spend her birthday with me?
Should I break up with her if she doesnt?

I’ve spent ALOT of money for this gift!
This shows that I care alot about her and if she cares the same I think she should do nothing else but spend it with me and show me how much this relationship means to her. I mean to her.

New Niche Finder answers:

It’s her birthday, respect what she wants to do on it. Just give her the gift some other time..

Lisa asks…

How can I find a new girlfriend?

Since my ex has gone from my life, I’ve felt lonely. She left me alone filled with nothing but uncertainty. I have other important things in my life to concentrate on (studies, army, etc), but I just know that I want and need a girlfriend. It’s good to have a girlfriend because I believe that a relationship is very valuable, like a long lesson. You can learn love, patience, etc. I want a new girlfriend to love and devote myself to. Right now, I feel very lonely, what more with Valentine’s Day round the corner. How can I find a new girlfriend? I appreciate all help. By the way, I am 16 and from Singapore. Thank you all very much.
Thanks a lot to everyone who helped.

New Niche Finder answers:

Don’t look for one. Time will come and you will have a girlfriend. You’re still young. Enjoy being young. Don’t rush things. Concentrate on other things first like your studies, etc.. Hope it helps.. =)

Donald asks…

What’s up with searching a new girlfriend on vacation?

How likely is it to find a new girlfriend on vacation? I will travel next week to South California, especially Los Angeles area.

And: If I really meet a cute girl, how can I win her heart? If I’m not clever enough, she would cut and run and I would never see her again :-(


New Niche Finder answers:

What an utter idiot you are

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