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Your Questions About How To Find A New Girlfriend

Lisa asks…

i just recently got dumped by my girlfriend, how do i find a new girlfriend if i dont go to school anymore?

i dont work at a place with women either

New Niche Finder answers:

Hang out at the mall.

John asks…

How do I find a girlfriend if I have bipolar disorder?

How can I find a girlfriend if all they want is someone they can rely on, someone with a steady job, finances, no mood swings.
I can get a job, but It usually lasts a couple of months and then forced to find a new job back. I mean, they want money and no mood swings.
Which are the alternatives? To become a drug dealer or to commit suicide?

ps. i do take medications if you are curious.

New Niche Finder answers:

Not all girls are the same you will find one that loves you for u even if your biploar and they will understand, screw the ones that dont like u because u struggle with this disorder, i have it as well im a girl and ive lost so many people i loved because of it. It sucks but im waiting for that perfect one i have faith best of luck

Richard asks…

My new found girlfriend wants me to meet family after third date!?

I just became involved in a relationship where I feel the girl is taking things way too quickly. We have gone out on three dates so far. Two were initiated by me and all went extremely well. We both like each other a great deal and I am very fond of her. I enjoy almost all of the qualities I see in her but I’m starting to get scared.

It seems like she sends me a text message every single day. This is not something I am used too. At first it was great and made me happy but now she is making me feel like she is my wife. Things are getting too serious too fast for my liking. She even said her family (cousins) can’t wait to meet me, but I’ve only gone out with her three times!

You can hardly know someone after the third date.

She, was the one who asked me how I felt about her. She asked if I was “as interested in her as she was in me.” I feel like I accelerated the relationship by expressing in great detail how I felt right away. I shouldn’t have told her so directly and quickly that I liked her so much because now things are moving way to fast, it scares me.

The last time something like this happened to me was in high school and that relationship ended horrifically in only half a year. I’m scared, help!

What should I do?
I say I’m scared because I like her so much and I wold really like it to last a very long time, not a few just months, but it is starting to seem like a crash a burn situation at the moment!

New Niche Finder answers:

Best way to fix this is to slow it down. Just say lets go on some more dates and get to know each other then take the next step after, something like that, im sure she is mature, just excited.

George asks…

My girlfriend is jealous of my computer and my iphone. How can I save the relationship?

My girlfriend is jealous of my computer and my iphone. How can I save the relationship and still have
my toys.

New Niche Finder answers:

That ridiculous relationships are about love and each other not objects the other person has. If your girlfriend cant get over you have nicer stuff then you Need to leave her a$$ !!

William asks…

How long after my girlfriend gets contraceptive implant can we start to have sex?

My girlfriend is due to have a contraceptive implant next week and im just wondering, do we have to wait a certain amount of days? hours? mins? b4 we can have sex.


New Niche Finder answers:

If the implant is inserted while your girlfriend is having a period it will be effective straight away, if not you need to use condoms for at least a week

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