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Your Questions About How To Find A New Girlfriend

Lisa asks…

What do you think of your girlfriend wearing shorts and tank tops?

Is it okay with you for your girlfriend to go out wearing shorts and a tank top? Why or not why? I have heard both opinions on this matter. To me it seems if you trust your girlfriend then why not?

New Niche Finder answers:

I don’t think trust has anything to do with this. No one should be able to tell their girlfriend what they can or cannot wear – that should be up to her. Why would trust be an issue in regards to what she is wearing? The way I see it if she is going to do anything she will do it whether she wears something like that or not regardless so any guy using trust as an argument about what his girlfriend wears is an idiot.

For the record I’ve never had a problem with any my girlfriends wearing shorts and tank tops or anything for that matter when going out (out in town or out clubbing). I’ve never seen it as it being something they need permission for.

William asks…

What should my girlfriend do if she had a miscarriage?

My girlfriend recently had a miscarriage and hasn’t gone to the doctors or hospital, does she need to?

New Niche Finder answers:

I personally would go just in-case there is any tissue leftover. It could get infected and your girlfriend has the chance of possibly dying. If there was she would need a DnC…

Ken asks…

How do I get my girlfriend to want more sex?

Ok, I’ve posted several times asking ways to kill my sex drive because my girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex anymore. I’m not a sex fiend, just wanting sex 3-4 times a week but my girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex anymore. We have been together two years, in our late twenties. Aside from our sexual differences we are very happy.

She doesn’t want to have sex at all. How do I make her want more sex or how do I kill my sex drive?

New Niche Finder answers:

She’s sh*t, if i was you, i’d dump her, cuz when u have arguments how u meant to make up? You have to have sex.
I’d suggest you make her on it, tell her dirty things, talk dirty, den go la senza or ann summers and buy her some sexy outfit or something, i brought my girlfriend some £5 thongs and we had loads of fun, we had sex twice a couple days after

Donald asks…

What should I know about having sex with my girlfriend?

Me and my girlfriend are planning on having sex. I’m going to use a condom, but i’ve heard stories about condoms not being used properly. What does this mean? Also, is it okay that i bought the condom from a gas station bathroom? This is both me and my girlfriend‘s first time having sex. I don’t want to mess anything up. Any tips?

New Niche Finder answers:

You and your girlfriend need to go condom shopping together to buy some decent condoms. If you are not comfortable doing that then you certainly are not ready for sex.

Also, you really should encourage her to go get check out by her gynecologist and get on the pill. The more protection the better because the first time is much less stressful if you don’t have to worry about becoming pregnant.

ALWAYS be in tune to how she feels. Make sure you ask her if she is okay with it more than once during the process because the first time is generally much more important for a girl than it is for a guy.

Robert asks…

How should I propose to my girlfriend?

I am planning to propose to my girlfriend in August. I was thinking of taking her to the beach at night and walk along the beach with her and maybe drop the box in the sand and bend down to get it and propose then. I was just looking for some ideas. I want something romantic. Something that she will always remember. Anything would help! Im so excited!

New Niche Finder answers:

I love your idea!
This is one that happened to an old teacher that is similar to yours.
While this guys girlfriend was relaxing in the hotel room he went out for a “walk”
he got a wine bottle and emptied it out and wrote an SOS note on some old paper and put it in the bottle
be buried it in the sand and put down a picnic blanket and some food and what not
thennnn he went and got his girlfriend for a romantic sunset picnic
when she sat down she sorta sat on the bottle and so she got it out of the sand and read the SOS note
it had something super cute and romantic on it and at the bottom it said “please marry me”
and when she looked up he had the ring out and everything
this is like my DREAM proposal :] it’s soooooo cute!

Good luck!!! 😀

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