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Your Questions About How To Find A New Hairstyle

Mark asks…

What kind of hairstyle should an 18 year old guy have?

I’m wanting to get a new hairstyle for 2013. I’m bored of having longish/bieber hair. I have a young looking face, i look about 15-16 but i’m actually 18. I don’t know if an 18 year old should have bieber hair. It’s mostly for 13 year olds i heard. So i want to know any hair styles that most 18 year old guys have and is nice and mature. As i said, i do look about 15, so what hairstyle make you look older?

New Niche Finder answers:

Google hairstyles of Brad Pitt when he was 18.

Bieber copied hairstyles of my 70’s exBF.

Chris asks…

How to do the half up half down hairstyle on natural african american hair?

My hair is layered the back is longer then the front , its hard for me to do the hairstyle because top part is short dont know what to do with the top part? Any suggestions on what i can do with it? Please help !

New Niche Finder answers:

I PUT MY HAIR HALF UP HALF DOWN ALL THE TIME! First, brush your hair to it’s natural part. Next, take a brush and ,starting from the back, brush your hair back to the back of your head. Do the same with the other side. Tie with a hair tie. Enjoy. Hope I helped!
Here is a link if you need extra help


Sharon asks…

What kind of a hairstyle suits a oval faced boy?

I am a 18 yr boy.And i am looking for a good hairstyle that suits me.I am oval faced. My hairs are very curly on the front and a little straight on the back.Not fully straight.Please suggest a good hair style.

New Niche Finder answers:

Find new hairstyles with your photo:

Daniel asks…

What can I do to remain my hairstyle and prevent it from turning back normal?

I made my mohawk hairstyle using wax, but it will turn back the next day, is it like i should wear Lacquer or what?

New Niche Finder answers:

There are a couple steps.

1. Use extra strength shampoo, it should have conditioner from my experiences it helps. (There are many out there that do have conditioner with shampoo together).

2. Use some kind of gel to keep it in place, remain from using Wax, it has a sticky substance but it also has an ingredient that makes your hair get greasy quicker, and obviously when your hair is greasy it will droop down and you’ll lose your hairstyle.

3. Try to change your shampoo/conditioner up it will eventually build up in your roots and makes your hair greasy quicker.

4. Yes I know, I’m saying this will not make it last forever. But come on you gotta have a shower and all right? Anyway, you should before you redo your hair in the morning, or whenever you do it, rinse your hair for about 15-20 seconds. This will get rid of any left over dandruff, build ups of shampoo, etc.

Laura asks…

What kind of a hairstyle would you recommend to me?

What kind of a hairstyle would you recommend for a square/round shaped face?

Please include pictures (if possible). I’m not very good at understanding how a certain hairstyle would look like.
no unrelated answers please.

New Niche Finder answers:

OK, I hope you are ready for this cause I have a Lot, I am Partial to the “Bob” Style, so I will Start with that, But not limited to that. Now these Yahoo Groups have Photo’s, and Links to other sites or Groups and some of these Yahoo Groups may also have video files

Try These Bob Styles in These Pics, You can see many on These Pics in this Yahoo Group


Here are some samples of the Pics in this Group.


Now if you like even shorter hairstyles, try this Yahoo Group for
Women with ultra short hairstyles or bob cuts. This is a yahoo Group for that

This Particular Yahoo Group is for Women This is for women’s head hairstyles only, with short being above the ears, but not totally bald.
Short hair can also be slicked down or Buzzed really short – like a Butch, Crew cut, Brush cut or Flattop.

Now, For a Change here, going to opposite direction, Try These Yahoo groups For Long hairstyles.
If You are an admirer of really Long Hairstyles, You might like this Yahoo Group

And this Group, Silky Long Hair Styles, This Yahoo Group
has Pic’s and Links to Sites for that look


Now This Yahoo Group is a Variety
This group is dedicated to beautiful women with beautiful hair whether it’s long, short, curly, straight, updo, down, ponytail, pigtails, braided, greased, wet, shampooed, in rollers, under a hat, blonde ,brunette or redhead.

This is not just another group about hairstyles. It is about beautiful women with beautiful hair.

While there is a sensuous nature to beautiful hair this is not an Adult group despite the classification by Yahoo., You can see this Group here at this Link

If You Like Strange alternative Hairstyles This Yahoo Group may prove interesting.

These Yahoo Groups are for Women who Like the Slicked “Wet Look”
these Groups are :


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