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Your Questions About How To Find A New Hairstyle

Nancy asks…

How do i find the hairstyle that suits me?

I am 21 and 5.2 so im a short male, and very small in figure. My hair is very very thin and curls when it gets over the ears. I have never had a good hairstyle ever. I always just cut it a little shorter every time. I have tryed a few haircuts but because of my thin hair it just falls back flat.

If there is any tips or information anyone could give it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

New Niche Finder answers:

Try a Bieber style ?
Try doing a spiked sweep down the middle of your head? It’s here you spike your hair (not like in huge spikes like 3 huge ones i mean tons of little ones) and take a comb and sweep it back kinda like this http://hairstyles.thehairstyler.com/hairstyles/images/12079/icon/Jon-Hamm.jpg and obviously you need gel for that

or just try messy- it might look good

Thomas asks…

What hairstyle looks best on oval faces?

I have dark brown hair, and I need help with a hairstyle.
Does short or long layers look better on oval faced people?

New Niche Finder answers:

Hey hon!
Try some of these hairstyles!

Hope I helped!

Donna asks…

Is there anywhere online to go to get hairstyle help?

I really need hairstyle help and there is no good salons around. I would like to know what hairstyle would make my face look better.

New Niche Finder answers:

Well there are a lot of videos about hairstyles on youtube.they are very helpful

Paul asks…

I need a hairstyle for my sweet sixteen?

I definetly want a curly hairstyle. I have a crown to put it my hair as well and i want some hair up but not alot. I need a picture to show my hairstylist. Please send pictures or websites I need some help. Thanks everyone!

New Niche Finder answers:

Try These Bob Styles in These Pics, You can see many on These Pics in this Yahoo Group


Here are some samples of the Pics in this Group.







Also, another Yahoo Group is for women who like the
wet look, this Group is



If You Like Silky Long Hair Styles, This Yahoo Group
has Pic’s and Links to Sites for that look


If You Like to See Hairstyle of Ultra Short and short
Bob Styles this Yahoo Group may be for you.

Women with ultra short hairstyles or bob cuts.

Also Here is a Link to a web sites that has the many kinds of hairstyles Long and Short


Also This Web Site has just about any style you want along with tools and styling tips.

If You Like Strange alternative Hairstyles This Yahoo Groupmay prove interesting.

Now if you are Looking for a certain Celebrity Hairstyle ? Ok, This site has that.

This Particular Yahoo Group is for Women This is for womens head hairstyles only, with short being above the ears, but not totally bald.
Short hair can also be slicked down or Buzzed really short – like a Butch, Crew cut, Brush cut or Flattop.

If You are an admirer of really Long Hairstyles, You might like this Yahoo Group

Now, Going back to Bob’s If You Like Inverted Bob styles, This Yahoo Group Has Links and Pics for that

Donald asks…

What hairstyle goes best with a maxi skirt?

Hi guys!
I’m going to be wearing a maxi skirt with a shirt tucked in and a cardigan over it, along with a waist-belt.
What hairstyle would go best with that?

Thanks guys!

New Niche Finder answers:

I personally think that up-do hairstyles go the best with a maxi skirt. Top knots, sock buns, ballerina buns, braided buns…Anything up high and off your shoulders. I always wear a braided bun, will ALL of my hair pulled back and a big pair of earrings OR, a top knot with my bangs down and a few face-framing pieces down, and a headband. SOOOO cute!! Good luck, miss fashionista!! Have fun!

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